A surefire way to build your credibility, professional relationships, and network is to be a Giver. This means that you are a resource for other professionals and that you help to refer and connect people from your network to other people’s network. People who are always on the take or holding a hand out, and never reciprocate business or referrals, are very challenging people to keep a relationship with professionally (and, well personally too for that matter).

When you meet someone, think right away how you might be able to connect him or her with other people that you know – it could be a prospective client for them, referral partner, or even another person that might be able to connect them in ways that you cannot do so directly. Get an email introduction typed up for the two professionals to meet or invite them both to meet with you to make the connection happen quickly and powerfully.

Being a Giver and constantly finding ways to connect people will create a strong business network for everyone, and you will shine amongst your peers.