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Client Profile:
Boutique services firm dedicated to sourcing qualified professionals and building top-tier teams to fuel clients’ business success.

“If someone told me that I could save thousands of dollars a year if I switched to another payroll provider, I still wouldn’t leave Payroll Vault… that’s how spectacular the service is!”

- Deb Chromik Founder & CEO

Client Success Story 
Spotlight on: E4 Enterprise 

Preaching what she practices
Never willing to settle for less than extraordinary service for her own clients, business owner sought same in payroll provider


Deb Chromik, founder and CEO of E4 Enterprise, holds true to her company mission that nothing short of the best will do for her clientele. Deb is in the business of sourcing talent and constructing professional teams to support her clients’ business success. Over the years, she has built a network of more than 300 top-tier professionals who are experts in their given fields—from marketing, event planning, and finance to staffing, project management, leadership coaching, and more.

“I’m a big believer that people are extraordinary in certain areas…and when they are exceptionally passionate about what they do, they represent the best in their field. These are the people that I bring to my clients,” Deb stated.

In 2010, Deb’s CPA advised her to outsource payroll to ensure ongoing compliance and free her from the complex and time-draining tasks that come with it. True to her only-the-best-will-do mantra, she set out to procure the ideal payroll provider.

“My CPA advised me to use ADP,” Deb recalled. “I flat out said ‘no.’ I told him that I wanted a provider that would put me first and offer highly personalized service.”

Deb worked briefly with Payroll Vault earlier in the year to resolve a stand-alone employee classification issue (1099 contractor v. W-2 employee). Her Payroll Vault representative worked closely with her to ensure a proper resolution and eliminate possible compliance issues.

“The personal attention I received was unprecedented. It was truly superior client service…the level that I expect in my own business. I knew then that I would use Payroll Vault for any future needs.”

And that’s exactly what she did…

That same year, Deb handed her payroll over to the experts at Payroll Vault…and hasn’t looked back. “I’ve not thought about it twice. They are the experts and take exceptional care of me…I know that everything is being done right.”

Deb isn’t shy about what she wants when it comes to service. Ever espousing that quality service is at the heart of any business’ success, she’s one of those rare entrepreneurs who preaches exactly what she practices in her own business. And this means she will never settle for less in a provider.

A match made in heaven

The relationship between Deb and Payroll Vault has proven strong and secure. The strength of the professional relationship is due primarily to the unique one-on-one support she receives.

“I genuinely feel like I am their only client…like they have nothing more important to do than take care of me,” Deb stated. “In truth, they are exceptionally busy, but I would never know it based on how fast they are to respond to me and how they bend over backwards to meet my needs.”

Deb offered an example of the micro-personal service she experiences: “I’m a small business working with numerous clients…some pay me on time and others pay late. Because accounts receivable can be unpredictable, I can’t have payroll processed before I check funds. My Payroll Vault rep emails me every other week to check in before running my payroll. I can’t imagine getting service like this from a big payroll provider. It’s amazing how well they take care of me.”

Another example of extraordinary service involved supporting Deb with payroll scenarios. Late last year she considered onboarding two business partners and needed to test multiple models. “They [Payroll Vault staff] ran several payroll models and walked me through each. My CPA came back with revisions and asked for updated models. Payroll Vault ran more until I had what I needed…and all this took place at year end, just before Christmas. That’s some serious dedication to the client.”

With any small business, return on investment is also a consideration—and E4 Enterprise is no exception. According to Deb, she has more than gotten her money’s worth from Payroll Vault.

“I used to spend several hours per month on payroll tasks,” Deb explained. “Having handed payroll over to Payroll Vault, I save about 10-15 hours per month. This is money saved, but it’s also time that I can re-focus on serving my clients.”

In dollars-speak, the hours she saves each month equates to thousands annually. And for any small business, this is a big deal.

“I do feel my return on investment,” Deb added. “But even more important, I have peace of mind that my payroll is being processed properly and that I’m always in compliance. I spend zero hours worrying, and that is priceless.”

Final words…

At the end of the day, it’s all about service. Deb is firmly dedicated to providing superior support to her own clients, and requires the same from her providers—an unarguable standard. Working with Payroll Vault has not only relieved her of complex payroll tasks, but has afforded her extra time to grow her business. The icing on the cake, however, is that all of this comes with highly personalized client service.

Deb stated, “If someone told me that I could save thousands of dollars a year if I switched to another payroll provider, I still wouldn’t leave Payroll Vault…that’s how spectacular the service is!”

Success in business, according to Deb Chromik, is dependent on one’s ability to discriminate between exceptional and acceptable. “Just because another vendor offers the same service, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same elegance of service. I only want the best, and that’s what I get with Payroll Vault.”

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