Burgeoning Payroll & Workforce Management Franchise Unveils Fifth Franchise Office in Michigan


Payroll Vault demonstrates noteworthy progress in the state with future signs of growth underway.


Greenwood Village, COLORADO, March 16, 2021 – Payroll Vault continues expansion throughout Michigan by offering a unique franchise opportunity. Their continued progress with development is captivating to watch and is ascribed to the entrepreneurs that have been looking through the lens of this historical time and focusing on small business growth and its revival.

The Payroll Vault brand welcomes, Tricia Chau, owner in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Tricia dons a bachelor’s degree in Construction, Manufacturing & Industrial Design and an MBA with a concentration in Design and Innovation Management. After a successful career as a marketing and communications professional, Chau began researching franchise concepts and came across the service-driven Payroll Vault franchise opportunity.

“The Payroll Vault franchise provides an opportunity for me to work with business owners across multiple industries, learn about their company and offer solutions that will directly impact their performance,” said Chau. “My parents are entrepreneurs. While growing up, I saw first-hand the challenges small to mid-sized businesses must overcome to remain competitive and relevant. Through Payroll Vault, I can create value for my family and community by helping local businesses grow. Getting started has been exciting, and the corporate team has been nothing short of incredible.”


“The COVID-conomy is pushing small business and franchising to the forefront of conversation and awareness which has opened the nation’s eyes on a grand scale to the significant roles that each play in our local economy,” stated Sean Manning, Payroll Vault Founder/CEO “We are optimistic about 2021 and continue to feel blessed and grateful to be able to welcome Tricia Chau to our Payroll Vault family and the small business division.” 


“There is no doubt that the COVID-era driven changes have been eye-opening on a universal scale; but who could’ve projected that it would empower and inspire innovative minds to make bold strides toward either diversifying their portfolio or building their legacy.”


Each Payroll Vault office has demonstrated a sincere devotion to guiding and helping small businesses navigate the tedious and demanding legislative and compliance changes. The payroll and workforce solutions franchise system maintains a local feel on a national measure through highly customized solutions and an always-available-to-client approach. Without a doubt, the boutique-style payroll and workforce management solutions company will continue paving the way toward small business success. 

About Payroll Vault Franchising

Payroll Vault Franchising provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to startup their own full-service, local payroll business with the support of a team of experts and a nationally recognized brand. Founded by a CPA with decades of experience, Payroll Vault supports their franchisees on business best practices and provides systems and strategies to operate a payroll business in an increasingly growing industry. With the franchise launch in 2012, Payroll Vault Franchising has grown rapidly due to their unparalleled client service and is recognized as a national leader receiving numerous accolades and awards in the industry. For more information, visit PayrollVaultFranchise.com.


Jessica Martin

Payroll Vault Franchising
Director of Marketing & EPM