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It’s time to get serious about service you deserve! No more waiting on hold, navigating phone trees, or working with an agent that doesn’t know your business.

Are you sure it’s done correctly?

Say “NO!” to lying awake at night worrying about your payroll. Working with a dedicated specialist gives you the peace of mind and compliance assurance you need to sleep at night.

Are you working late to make sure payroll runs on time?

By outsourcing your payroll & HR tasks, you are putting more time in your day and most importantly, pledging that your employees are paid on time and correctly.

Don’t have the budget to hire staff for payroll & HR?

Outsourcing payroll tasks sets you up to manage and build your company’s financial health so you can attract and maintain talent that will grow your business.

Are you tired of being frustrated?

It’s time to give yourself a well-earned break. Contact your local Payroll Vault for expert support!

3rd party payroll companies

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What are your top priorities?

Gain control of your payroll and workforce management

When you outsource your payroll needs, you are maximizing your time so you can focus on growing your business by attracting & retaining valuable team members.

Customizable payroll services

Offer scalable options for payroll solutions for your unique business needs. You can rest easy knowing that your payroll taxes are filed accurately and on time.

Time and Attendance Solutions

Make it easy for you to track employee hours and stay on top of scheduling changes quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of features that allow you to control and reduce labor costs.

Outsourced Scalable Human Resource Solutions

That provide you with a dedicated and reliable source to handover detailed and compliance driven HR related work and tasks.

Pre-Employment Screening

A comprehensive program, so you can reduce the risk of fraud, poor work ethic, and criminal activity. Now you can be proactive about safeguarding your company’s reputation.

Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation

Improve cash flow and financial accuracy by removing monthly or quarterly audit reports.

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