Darius Burnette | Owner 

Carroll, Ohio
Franchise owner speaking with a franchise candidate…
May 12, 2022

“I told him you are amazing. This is not a McDonalds; where you throw up the golden arches and people come running. Payroll Vault has a detailed plan that if you implement, your results will be predictable. Now is an amazing time to join our team. We are in the process of transforming the payroll industry in a way never seen before. 


Terri Stewart | Owner

Virginia Beach, Virginia
September 1, 2020

“I have been a franchise owner since 2013. It was a good decision for me because I am a CPA and had been doing payroll as a losing division in my practice. All my clients did payroll differently and wanted me to follow what they were doing. There was a lot of wasted time that we could have been doing more profitable projects. I ran into Sean Manning at a seminar I was at for my CPA practice software, heard Sean speak and knew it was what my company needed. Once I split it out, my payroll became profitable. We had a streamlined way of doing it, and a corporate office standing behind it that had the time to work on processes, advertising, and countless other things I just didn’t have time for with my practice. I was able to service and make my clients happy and not go broke doing it. As a matter of fact, I am currently in talks with Payroll Vault about adding a second location.


Zane Glover I Owner

Fort Collins, CO/Cheyenne, WY
August 17, 2019

“My hope for this and the Altitude conference was to help me and the team expand and develop knowledge and enthusiasm. This year’s conference resonated with me the most. It was a great mix of technical and heart. I very much appreciate the great work both of you, Tricia, Becky and Christina did on this conference. Thanks again.”


Kevin nash I Owner

San Diego, California 
February 7, 2017


“I go to Owners Exchange meetings to 1) find affirmation for what we are doing 2) be challenged to be better, to improve and 3) find ways to improve our franchise and ourselves through the interchange of ideas and information. ” 


Steve Hamacher & Mike Semm I Owners

Kalamazoo, Michigan
February 7, 2017


“Attending the 2016 Payroll Vault Owners Exchange in St. Louis as a new franchisee was an enlightening and beneficial experience. It gave us the opportunity to meet other franchisees that have already traveled the path that we were about to embark upon and learn from their experiences. The meetings gave us insight as to what strategies worked well and some of the struggles that offices faced during start-up and the subsequent year(s). We believe that the Owners Exchange helped us to better define our direction through the shared experiences of others.” 


Debra Schill I Owner

Indianapolis, Indiana
January 14, 2016


“Loving the support from your team!”


Cadie Gaut | Owner

Mobile, Alabama
August 22, 2016


“Thank you so much for the response, Sean. We definitely benefit from having the Payroll Vault brand in our hands. The support from the corporate team and the other franchisees is motivating and truly appreciated. It’s always nice to have a team to share not only accomplishments with but struggles as well.”


MElissa clary | owner

Fort Collins, Colorado
May 24, 2016


“For 12 years I was part of a traditional CPA firm focused on income tax preparation. We provided very limited accounting and payroll services. For the last 8 years, we have worked on increasing our payroll and bookkeeping services, but have found it extremely difficult to try and market the services and create efficient operations to implement the services. After purchasing a Payroll Vault franchise and utilizing the brand and the guidance of other Payroll Vault employees, we have become extremely efficient and confident in processing payrolls of different sizes and from a wide range of industries. Our payroll revenue and the number of clients we serve have doubled in the second year of operating as a Payroll Vault franchise. The first two years is a learning process that requires commitment and effort, but with the support and tools Payroll Vault offers you will achieve success. Our goal is to continually provide great customer service and keep growing exponentially.”


Karen simmons | owner

Mobile, Alabama
May 24, 2016


“Hello!!! I hope everyone is having a good Thursday afternoon, please excuse my intrusion...however, this just could not wait!!! Often (too many times), people just want to focus on the negative in every situation, and I admit I am truly guilty of stirring the pot. No one likes change...everyone loves familiarity. EXCEPT ME... today, right now with PAYROLL VAULT!! I LOVE PAYROLL VAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even begin to say how thrilled I was with importing my first journal entry with Payroll Vault. I know several others... “KCS” have loved PV from the onset. However, today was my very first SHOUT FOR HALLELUJAH WITH PAYROLL VAULT. Today was my first day importing what I’m accustomed to calling a Payroll Analysis Sheet. Oh, SWEET LORD!!!!!!!!! The streamline Payroll Vault offers when it comes to journal entries is completely effortless. I HAD NO CLUE!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOO SOOOO MUCH for your continued assistance. ”

BLAIR Motl | owner

East Dundee, Illinois
November 11, 2015


“I just sealed the deal with a group that owns 8 Weedman Lawncare locations in IL, WI, TX & CO. It's seasonal and will go from a total of about one hundred now to four hundred in the summer. Never could have done this without you guys and the branding!”


Cathy Carroll | owner

Havertown, Pennsylvania
February 2022


“When we started our search for a franchise, we were presented with multiple companies to review. As we investigated these options Payroll Vault rose to the top in every round of investigative calls. The team at Payroll Vault was engaging and informative and clearly explained the business model. The franchise is a turnkey operation with all the comprehensive training and support you need to be successful. The value for the franchise fee was by far the best. Cheers!”