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    Digital Dollars: How Payroll Is Changing With Technology | Forbes

    Payroll and employee management have undergone major shifts thanks to new technologies emerging in recent years. Explore the cutting-edge advancements reshaping how businesses handle payroll, from online benefits administration to AI acceleration, in this latest Forbes article.

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    Payroll Vault Franchise Owner Cathy Carroll Loves Being Her Own Boss | Franchise Business Review

    Cathy Carroll, Owner of Payroll Vault Havertown, PA, was recently featured in Franchise Business Review for her incredible work providing payroll, HR, tax and benefit services to small businesses and her entrepreneurial excellence. Congrats on this well-deserved recognition! Read the article to learn more about Cathy's journey with Payroll Vault Franchising.


    Read full story on Franchise Business Review.

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    Get Paid When You Need, With Earned Wage Access | PIX11 News

    Cathy Carroll, Owner of Payroll Vault Havertown, PA, recently appeared on PIX11 News in New York City to discuss the emerging trend of earned wage access (EWA).

    As an experienced payroll professional, Cathy shed light on the growing popularity of EWA solutions, highlighting the benefits they offer to both employees and employers. She discussed how EWA can help employees better manage their finances and avoid costly payday loans or overdraft fees.

    We invite you to watch Cathy's insightful interview HERE.

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    Payroll Vault Celebrates Rapid Growth with Seven New Locations and Two New States

    Payroll Vault is expanding at a rapid pace! We're thrilled to announce the grand opening of 7 new franchise locations across Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, South Dakota, and Texas! Congratulations to our new franchise owners!

    Learn more about our new locations! View the press releases below:, Accesswire, Yahoo Finance, AP News, Business Insider

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    Earned Wage Access becoming more popular as study shows half of workers live paycheck to paycheck | 10 Tampa Bay

    Did you know there's a program to get your paycheck early? The Earned Wage Access (EWA) program allows employees access to wages they've already earned. According to a recent report, 54% of employees need funds before payday and 59% of EWA users say having access to the program motivates them to go to work. Watch the news segment on 10 Tamba Bay to learn more!

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    It’s Never Too Soon To Talk About Financial Wellness Programs | Forbes

    Don't let a funding crunch derail your successful business. In this insightful Forbes article, Payroll Vault CEO, Sean Manning, shares how a financial wellness program can help your company weather any funding hurdle.

    Learn how providing employees with the right benefits and education can boost morale, increase retention, and strengthen your business. Check out the full article HERE!

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    Payroll Basics: What Every Business Owner Should Know | Forbes

    In any industry, mastering essential business operations is crucial for success. Even if you delegate tasks, understanding key aspect, such as payroll is essential. Drawing from experience as an entrepreneur, Payroll Vault CEO, Sean Manning, explores the fundamental payroll basics every business owner should grasp.

    Read the full article on Forbes to learn more!

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    Tax Tips for Tip Earners | Indy Now FOX59

    Adam Schill, Owner of Payroll Vault South Central Indiana, was recently featured on Indy Now | FOX59 to provide tax tips for tipped employees. During the segment, Adam offers expert tax advice for tip earners and discusses how businesses should properly be keeping track of and distributing their tips. View the full segment to find out how Payroll Vault is here to help you this tax season!

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    Navigating Tipping and Tax Season | WSFL TV

    In a recent interview on Inside South Florida, Tricia Golomb, owner of Payroll Vault in Pembroke Pines, FL, shed light on the growing trend of service charges and mandatory tips in restaurants, as well as the importance of understanding tipping regulations, especially as tax season approaches. Watch the full segment to learn more!

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    Tax Tips for 2024 | Fox 31 Denver

    Kristina Kefalas, Owner of Payroll Vault Lakewood, was recently featured on Fox 31 Denver to give tax advice for the upcoming 2024 Tax Day. During the segment, Kristina offers expert tax filing tips for hourly employees. View the full segment to find out if Payroll Vault can help you this Tax Day, which is on Monday, April 15th in 2024.

    View the full story HERE.

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    Work Migration: The Rise Of Remote Working And You | Forbes

    Is remote work the future of your business? Payroll Vault CEO, Sean Manning, delves into the rise of remote working and how it's changing the way we work. Find out why more companies are embracing this trend in Forbes' latest article. 

    View the full story HERE.

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    Best Practices For Keeping Your Business' Tax Record And Credit Request Clean | Forbes

    In today's business landscape, maintaining a clean tax record and credit request has never been more crucial, particularly in light of recent IRS scrutiny and fraudulent claims.

    Read the full article on Forbes to learn more!

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    Payroll Vault Signs New Franchisee for Katy, Texas

    Payroll Vault, the nation’s fastest growing payroll franchise, announced new franchisees for the Katy, Texas market. Brook and Tori Talbot will become the latest members of the rapidly growing Payroll Vault family.  The husband and wife team are currently learning the Payroll Vault system and will soon begin providing comprehensive payroll and workforce management services to small and midsize businesses in the fast-growing Houston suburb.

    Check out the full story at Franchising Magazine USA!

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    Stopping the Scam: IRS Cracking Down on False ERC Claims


    Tricia Petteys, chief operating officer and co-founder of Payroll Vault Franchising, LLC, was recently featured in Franchising World Magazine. In the article, Tricia discusses the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and several big announcements from the IRS regarding ERC. 

    ERC is a special tax credit offered to employers who paid wages between March 13, 2020 and December 31, 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the full story to find out if you qualify for the ERC and to find out how to spot an ERC scam.

    Read the full story HERE.

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    Good Business San Diego | Payroll Vault

    Elsie Nash, owner of Payroll Vault San Diego, discusses recent updates from the IRS on Covid Tax Credits, or ERC. Watch the news clip to learn how to spot the scam and how Payroll Vault can guide you through this process. During the segment, Elsie highlights the Employee Retention Credit delays due to the recent fraudulent claims. View the full segment to find out how Payroll Vault can protect you from scams and to find out if you are eligible for the Covid Tax Credit.


    View the full story HERE.

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    Payroll Vault is a leader in helping local businesses with COVID Tax Credits | NTV

    Payroll Vault of Grand Island helps small to midsize businesses strengthen their operations by offering personalized solutions and one-on-one service with local specialists. Jenny Majerus, owner of Payroll Vault Grand Island, Nebraska was recently featured on NTV to discuss the Employee Retention Tax Credit and the Moratorium from the IRS. During the segment, she highlighted how Payroll Vault of Grand Island can help make the stress of ERTC diminish with the help of experts at Payroll Vault.

    View the full story HERE.

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    Payroll Vault is Making Sense of Covid Tax Credits | Atlanta Plugged In

    Michelle Abel of Payroll Vault in Marietta, Georgia was recently featured on Atlanta News First in a segment on Atlanta Plugged In to discuss the recent announcements from the IRS about the Covid Tax Credit. During the segment, Michelle highlights the Employee Retention Credit Moratorium due to the recent fraudulent claims. View the full segment to find out how Payroll Vault can protect you from scams and to find out if you are eligible for the Covid Tax Credit.

    View the full story HERE.

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    Payroll Vault Signs New Franchisee for Katy, Texas

    Meet the newest members of the Payroll Vault family! Brook and Tori Talbot are bringing comprehensive payroll services to Katy, Texas, and we couldn't be more excited! Check out their franchisee story now!

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    Payroll Vault Veteran Owner Kevin Nash Featured in Franchise Journal Magazine

    Payroll Vault San Diego Owner and U.S. Navy Veteran, Kevin Nash, tells his story in The Veteran's Issue of Franchise Journal Magazine. Explore how Kevin's experience in the Navy laid the foundation for his professional success, and learn how he continues to give back to the community while serving local businesses. Read the story on page 134 HERE!

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    Payroll Vault of Oklahoma City is Revolutionizing Payroll Services for Local Businesses | KOKH TV

    Payroll Vault's Oklahoma City Owner, Cynthia Cox, was recently featured on OKC Fox to discuss how their services are revolutionizing payroll services for local businesses. During the segment, she highlighted how Payroll Vault of OKC can help make the stress of payroll a thing of the past, emphasizing their commitment to offering personalized and tailored solutions that meet each client's specific needs. Business owners looking for quality, reliable payroll services can learn more by calling our office. It’s time to Re-Think© payroll!


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    Payroll Vault Franchising Featured in Business View Magazine

    Payroll Vault featured in Business View Magazine's August 2023 issue! Check out pages 101-110 to learn more about Payroll Vault and our franchisees!

    Learn More

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    Payroll Vault’s Karen Mora Recognized as a 2023 Franchise Rock Star

    Payroll Vault’s Karen Mora, Payroll Vault Santa Barbara, California owner, was identified by franchise research firm, Franchise Business Review, as being one of 2023’s Franchise Rock Stars. Read more, HERE.

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    How to Have a Conversation with The Boss | Houston Happens News

    Selina Garrett discusses how to have a conversation and break the ice with your boss on Houston Happens News. This coverage has more than 114,000 media impressions and an earned media value of $7,200! Great job Selina! 


  • How to Break The Ice with Your Boss - PIX11 News NYC

    How to Break The Ice with Your Boss | PIX11 News NYC

    Jeanine Dargis, Owner of Payroll Vault in Edison, NJ highlights how to build a better relationship with your boss. According to the Gallup 2023 Global Report, employees in today's career climate are wanting to quit, but what are their top reasons and how can business owners mitigate this issue? Learn how to have a productive conversation with your boss HERE

  • Payroll Vault’s best practices for small business banking | Fox10 News - Mobile, AL

    Payroll Vault’s best practices for small business banking | Fox10 News - Mobile, AL

    MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Three large banks have collapsed this year, leaving many small business owners nervous about what’s coming next. A bank crisis doesn’t just affect big tech companies, it can affect small business’s ability to pay employees or vendors. Payroll Vault is a locally owned company that provides localized and customized payroll services and workforce management solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

    Co-owner Karen Simmons joined us on Studio10 to talk about their “Survive with Five” list of actionable steps small businesses can take to protect themselves, their companies and get the most bank for their buck! Watch Video

  • Business owners should keep this in mind when it comes to banking

    Business owners should keep this in mind when it comes to banking

    NORTH TEXAS ( – Local financial experts say that for most Americans, there's no reason to worry after the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

    About 90% of Toby Haynes' business revolves around doing payroll for small businesses.  "A business that I usually work with is going to be one to 50 employees, or it could be up to 100 employees depending on the type of business," said Haynes, owner of Payroll Vault Argyle, Texas.  Watch Video

  • How to Get the Most Bank for your Buck

    How to Get the Most Bank for Your Buck | Channel 8 News Tampa, FL

    Jake Welsh, Payroll Vault Tampa/St. Petersburg owner, helps local businesses get more bank for their buck!  Watch Video

  • Keeping your money safe as a small business | Survive with Five

    Keeping your money safe as a small business | Survive with Five in San Antonio, TX

    The money pros have put together a “Survive with Five” list of best practices for area business owners to help them scrutinize their banking services and determine whether they should make changes to ensure their money is safe.

    Check out the "Survive with Five" list of best practices here. 

  • Get Tips about a Paycheck Checkup | Payroll Vault Richmond, VA

    Get Tips about a Paycheck Checkup | Payroll Vault Richmond, VA

    Deanna Trent, owner, discusses the four steps to a paycheck check up with Aime Carter. Don't miss out on valuable information that could get you on the write track. WATCH NEWS SEGMENT

  • rebeccasean_pettit_cc

    Do a paycheck check up to find potential hidden money | Payroll Vault San Antonio, TX

    You might be overlooking hidden money in your paycheck. How to potentially boost your earning without getting a raise. With high inflation eating away at your income. Do a paycheck check-up to find four ways to potentially get every penny possible to battle high prices. Get Tips Here

  • Get Ready to Boost Your Paycheck and Beat Inflation!

    Get Ready to Boost Your Paycheck and Beat Inflation! | Payroll Vault Redlands, California

    Have you seen a change in your paycheck this year? Thanks to an inflation adjustment by the federal government, millions of  Americans started seeing more in their paychecks starting in January 2023.


    “It certainly won’t be a game changer on its own, but every little bit helps,” said Amy Minjares, owner of Payroll Vault Redlands, a leading payroll and workforce management franchise. READ MORE

  • CEO of the Year - Debra Schill, CPA, Office of: Debra Schill, CPA | Payroll Vault Indianapolis, Indiana

    CEO of the Year - Debra Schill, CPA, Office of: Debra Schill, CPA | Payroll Vault Indianapolis, Indiana

    Mark McNulty and Action Coach Bluegrass, for the recognition and honor of naming Debra Schill, Payroll Vault Owner, 2022 CEO of the Year! SEE WINNERS

  • Paycheck Checkup with Payroll Vault Indianapolis | Indy Now FX59

    Paycheck Checkup with Payroll Vault Indianapolis | Indy Now FX59

    Adam Schill discusses tips of what to do to make sure your paycheck is correct, additional benefits coming to us from the IRS, and how to review your benefits. Get the paycheck checkup details here! WATCH NEWS SEGMENT

  • December Small Business of the Month: Payroll Vault | Mobile Chamber of Commerce

    December Small Business of the Month: Payroll Vault | Mobile Chamber of Commerce

    The mother/daughter team of Karen Simmons and Cadie Gaut have built their company Payroll Vault on a very straightforward directive to their clients: “Go do more billing, more production, more collecting. Go make your company more money, instead of adding up hours on a time sheet.” READ RECOGNITION

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    Sean Thomas on Good Day Louisiana

    Sean Thomas shares tips for stretching your paycheck. READ ARTICLE

  • The Paycheck Checkup with Payroll Vault Lakewood | Mile High Living

    The Paycheck Checkup with Payroll Vault Lakewood | Mile High Living

    Mile High Living invited Kristina Kefalas of Payroll Vault Lakewood, Colorado to discuss how to do a Paycheck Checkup. Check out the tips here! 

  • Payroll Vault owners share holiday traditions | The Herald Ledger

    Payroll Vault owners share holiday traditions | The Herald Ledger

    Many people think business and love can’t mix, but Phil and Deb Domke, owners of Payroll Vault, a national franchise providing workforce solutions for business, prove that theory wrong every single day. When they took the leap from the corporate world and purchased the franchise, they decided to bring it to their hometown region of western Kentucky, bringing home a technology forward company to serve the businesses not only in this area, but throughout the country. READ ARTICLE

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    Payroll Vault Helps Small Businesses Recoup Millions in Tax Credits | Pleasanton, CA

    The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many companies needing to put employees on furlough or let them go altogether, but payroll and human resources service franchise Payroll Vault has helped qualifying businesses receive millions of dollars in tax credits for sticking by their staff through the recent period of economic hardship. READ ARTICLE

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    Payroll Vault Helps Small Businesses Recoup Millions in Tax Credits | Chicago, IL

    Payroll Vault Payroll Relations Representative Tom Venturini, East Dundee, Illinois, said he believes Payroll Vault was among the first in their area to begin calculating and processing ERTC applications. READ ARTICLE

  • Celebrating success: National Women in Business Week

    Celebrating success: National Women in Business Week | The Herald Ledger

    The third full week in October is National Women in Business Week. It seeks to highlight the accomplishments of women in business and also recognize that improvements still need to be made. To celebrate, the Herald Ledger highlights a local woman who has made great accomplishments in business. This year, it’s highlighting local businesswoman Deb Domke. READ ARTICLE

  • Local business receives national recognition

    Paducah, Kentucky: Local business receives national recognition.

    Payroll Vault owners Phil and Deb Domke were recognized on the national stage last week at the Annual Payroll Vault conference in Denver, ALTITUDE 2022. Read on to learn how this dynamic duo will transform business in Paducah, KY. READ MORE

  • zaneglover

    FBR Featured Franchisee Zane Glover of Payroll Vault

    The Franchise Rock Stars were nominated by their franchise brand’s leadership in one of eight categories as franchisees who set admirable examples when it comes to leadership, business acumen, financial and professional success, and contributing to their community. Categories included: Giving Back, Women, Millennials, Veterans, Family-Owned, “Freshmen”, Top-Performers, and Multi-Unit Owners. Press Release     Article


  • yt_interview_062022

    Clint Blundon with Payroll Vault Spring Branch Texas is Interviewed

    Local referral partner interviews Clint with a basic Q&A so we can learn more about how Payroll Vault serves its business community. WATCH VIDEO
  • smbizweek_argyletx

    Small Business Month Inspires Surprise Deliveries to Local Businesses

    The owner of Payroll Vault in Argyle is recognizing and celebrating fellow small businesses and a local charity in our community with some surprise deliveries!

    Current events are creating a challenging climate for small businesses. They deserve to be recognized for their resilience as they weather rising prices, labor shortages, supply chain issues, and every other challenge that has been thrown at them over the past two years. Small businesses continue to be the backbone of the local community and supporting area entrepreneurs is a way to honor small business heroes. READ MORE

  • springbranch_basket-final

    Payroll Vault Celebrates Community with Small Business Giveback

    Clint Blundon made a surprise gift basket delivery to local business owner Brandon Schwaben of Authority Pest Protection as he was out on the road serving customers – just Blundon’s way of saying, "Thank you" for what Schwaben does for their community. Through Covid-19, the Great Resignation, inflation, and every other thing that has been thrown at them, Payroll Vault believes our local small businesses deserve recognition for their resilience. READ MORE
  • redlandsca_basket

    Payroll Vault Applauds Entrepreneurs with Small Business Giveback

    To applaud small businesses owners and highlight the impact they have on the local community, Redlands Payroll Vault owner Amy Minjares delivered a random act of kindness to a fellow entrepreneur.

    Minjares is the ultimate small business hero! She chose to use her small business to shine a light on other local small businesses by doing a surprise Small Business Giveback as a way to highlight Small Business Month in May. READ MORE

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