Discovering your WHY

SEP 04, 2019 by DAVE EVANS 

One of the great things about buying a franchise is that the hard work of figuring things out (such as the core purpose of your business) have been completed for you. If you’ve ever started up a business from the ground up, you understand the significance of the opening statement. 

After a creative session the other day, our team decided to go through the exercise of reflecting on RLC with the purpose of working out three important considerations about our business. We tend to spend a lot of time doing this with our clients, so why not our team?


The goal was to contrast our individual ‘why’ against our corporate ‘why’ to see what the differences might be. These are a few of the questions we asked to get us started:


  • Why do we do what we do individually - and as a team?
  • Why did we decide to be part of what we are doing?
  • hat does it allow us to do in our personal and professional space?

We each wrote down our responses and discovered that our individual ‘why’ was in ideal alignment with our corporate ‘why’! More specifically:  


  • Lifestyle flexibility
  • Delivering results
  • Creativity
  • Giving back and making a difference

The team was amazed! Yes, it is a fact that in business there will be days and moments when you have to do things you enjoy less than others. During these times, remembering your Why will give you a secret fuel to see all things through with positivity and intentional purpose.

As a leader and founder of our professional coaching business, this was a rewarding exercise and drives me to do all I can to help support our Team to deliver on their ‘why’.

Taking the time to figure out your ‘why’ will be life changing. Start with identifying your ‘why’ personally and professionally. Are they in alignment? What do you need to change? What have you not considered?


Here are a couple great resources to view and listen to that will help you identify your WHY:


  • Watch Simon Sinek share the importance of WHY
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Dave Evans

Real Leadership Coaching

Chief Leadership Officer