With all of the changing regulations, reporting, compliance issues, and especially the Affordable Care Act, payroll for a business owner is more complex than they know. The practices of the do-it-yourself entrepreneur that is trying to save a few dollars, remain in the driver seat of their business, and cut their own payroll checks for their employees are costing them more money and time than they really know.

  • One non-compliance issue can result in several hundred, if not thousands of dollars, for an unknowing business owner, making outsourcing payroll service fees rather nominal in the long run.
  • The amount of time to research the ever-changing regulations and nuances of the Affordable Care Act could be better spent focusing on business development rather than spending several hours calculating payroll checks. Outsource to a payroll company! They constantly are updated with local and federal changes and can help business owners run their operations more efficiently and stay compliant.
  • A business owner that issues paper checks is really spending more money than they know. Banks charge for each of these checks and consider the time and cost spent on printing, handing out, and then allowing employees to leave work to deposit checks all adds up. Direct deposit is a much more efficient and secure method for payment and your employees will thank you for it.

    Become a business owner of the future and entrust your payroll to a professional payroll company. You will have more time, less worry, your employees will be happier, and you can focus on running your company.