Labor Posters 101
The Perfect Sales Opportunity Awaits

NOV 06, 2019 by BRETT HALL  

Displaying labor law posters at all business locations is an important legal requirement for U.S. employers. These notices provide workers with access to information regarding their legal rights – and failure to do so can lead to penalties. 

Labor law compliance is complicated and constantly changing so the potential for sales is strong. Not only does this represent additional revenue for you, but it also creates a dynamic customer relationship with a high retention and renewal rate. Below are five reasons why you should consider offering ComplyRight® Poster Service to your customers.


Five Fast Facts about Labor Law Posters


They are mandatory for every U.S. employer. All businesses with at least one paid employee must display federal and state posters in common areas where workers can easily view them. Depending on the state, employers may be required to post up to 21 federal and state notices. 

There is no “one-stop shop” for posters. Government agencies don’t often work together, so there’s no central place or website for all the necessary posters businesses are required to post. In fact, about 175 different agencies nationwide are responsible for issuing at least 370 mandatory posters. To manage posting compliance for just one business location, employers would have to contact up to nine different agencies for federal and state posters.  

Laws change all the time. On average, there are 150 state posting changes a year — and at least half of these require an immediate poster update or replacement. 

Not displaying postings can be costly. Fines for not posting are rare, but they do happen.  The real danger with posting violations concerns employee disputes. If an employer has an outdated poster — or no poster at all — the courts may decide that the statute of limitations doesn’t apply in certain circumstances because employees weren’t notified about their legal rights and responsibilities. Not posting also can serve as evidence of “bad faith” and directly affect damages in an employee lawsuit.

Monitoring takes considerable effort. Because of the work and risk involved, many employers choose to outsource this responsibility. This represents a perfect sales opportunity. 


Brett Hall

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