Inspiration & Attendance Soar at ALTITUDE – 2019


Payroll Vault Franchising’s 7th Annual National Conference


GREENWOOD VILLAGE August 28, 2019 -- The seventh annual ALTITUDE conference last week hosted at the Denver Hilton Inverness, welcomed its largest group of Payroll Vault owners, payroll specialists, sales teams, and sponsors to learn about and share industry updates and business best practices.


Payroll Vault’s annual goal is to connect support staff and owners with vendors and partners to create unparalleled local support to small business clients nationwide. The event was geared toward building strong business acumen and increasing productivity and sales through proficient operational and sales practices. 

Mary Grothe, CEO of Sales BQ, energized the group with insights on how to genuinely connect with prospects and crush those quotas! Martin Cody, Owner of Cellar Angels, “got real” about serving, not selling and what it means to serve your clients. Last and certainly not least, an insightful Keynote from Sean Manning, Founder/CEO of Payroll Vault Franchising, about the importance of Please, Thank you, and You’re welcome. 


It is very clear of the annual impact that ALTITUDE makes with each Team. The Awards Dinner Ceremony this year represented the hard-working entrepreneurs that call Payroll Vault their home! Multiple awards were presented for sales growth & goal attainment, and new franchise offices opened. With great excitement, new benchmark awards were presented to dedicated franchise Teams, and achievement level rebates were handed out totaling over $11,000.


Sponsors and partners attended eager to engage with each office one-to-one. The information and hands-on training this year was unsurpassed. A lively panel of vendor partners answered questions and provided examples about the highlights of their services and how to solve clients’ problems, or areas of discomfort.


ALTITUDE 2019 was a wild success and 2020’s event will highlight the goals set and ultimately achieved. To learn more about Payroll Vault Franchising, visit our website


Payroll Vault Franchising

Jessica Martin

Director of Marketing & EPM




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