Littleton, CO– February 9, 2023 – Payroll Vault owner, Aaron Bontrager, announced the launch of his innovative payroll services firm in Iowa City, Iowa — Payroll Vault. Payroll Vault introduces a proven model for offering payroll to his local community which is founded on a client-focused, locally owned approach. This firm stands out by providing a customizable and simplified payroll process that offers a level of personalized service to small business owners that most national providers do not.


Payroll Vault is the ideal solution for small to midsize businesses in search of convenient, secure, and remote options for payroll processing. Most importantly, the solution saves business owners from investing in costly payroll software and risking non-compliance by managing payroll themselves. By outsourcing payroll services to a team of experts, business owners are able to free up their time that can be better spent on growing their business.   


“In my 17 years as a public servant in healthcare, human resources, and with the University of Iowa, I understand the importance of navigating highly complex and confidential information and collaborating with a diverse set of backgrounds,” stated Bontrager. “Once I decided to shift from the academic and healthcare worlds, I spent a great deal of time searching for a solid opportunity to provide a service that other small business owners could really benefit from. The Payroll Vault model showed me the path and opened doors to new possibilities, and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Payroll Vault.”  


Aaron is native to Iowa City, received his bachelor's degree in finance, and his Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Administration from The University of Iowa.  He’s served as a Director of Surgery in Detroit and later in the Chicagoland area.  After moving back to Iowa with his family, he worked at the University of Iowa Health System and the University of Iowa in strategic planning and payroll services. During that time, he started studying the eastern Iowa area and looking for ways to help local businesses and came upon Payroll Vault Franchising


“The decision to work with Payroll Vault was simple. Their commitment to supporting their franchisees and the territory availability in Iowa gives me the same support that I am looking to offer to small business owners. They are experienced guides on my path to exploring ownership of a payroll business, and the Payroll Vault brand will certainly move us and our clients toward expanded business success.” 

About Payroll Vault

Payroll Vault’s company mission began in 2008, focused on re-defining© payroll services and solutions, complemented with unparalleled customer service. Payroll Vault offers boutique-style payroll service for small businesses and provides a real-time solution for clients. In 2012, Payroll Vault launched its first franchise. Through providing entrepreneurs the opportunity to start-up their own full-service payroll business with the support of our team of experts with decades of experience, Payroll Vault Franchising is recognized as a national leader in the industry with numerous offices across the United States and expanding.


Jessica Martin 

Chief Marketing Officer