Pam & Mark Sunderland
Boulder, Colorado

July 02, 2020

Boulder, Colorado is more than a destination or home to one of the top universities in the United States, it’s a mecca for successful small and mid-size businesses. Mark Sunderland, 14-year business owner and CPA, and wife, Pam Sunderland, 30-year marketing research professional, set out to add to their business portfolio almost two years ago. 

Mark was originally processing payroll through his accounting practice and frequently considered outsourcing his payroll. With the dynamic landscape of the payroll industry, he could see the opportunity, but was unsure if the time and energy were worth putting forth the effort. 


Long-term members of The Professional Association of Small Business Association (PASBA) Mark and Pam heard about Payroll Vault through mutual contacts and began looking into the franchise concept. After a couple months of due-diligence and research, the path to success became glaringly evident. Payroll Vault had the presence, systems, and support in place that could spare them the costly endeavor of spinning up a startup themselves. 

“Two years later, we’re still excited about our opportunity to collaborate with so many successful entrepreneurs within the Payroll Vault family to help each other grow our businesses,” stated Mark Sunderland. “We hope to eventually create a local group of the Colorado franchisee owners to meet regularly to share ideas and knowledge.”

Top priority for the Sunderland’s future is to continue to increase the outreach into their community. 2020 has been a wielding year for many professionals, and they are aimed at helping local businesses to navigate the industry complexities that have been driven by the recent global event - COVID. “There may be a recent ‘new normal’ for business owners, but our ‘normal’ is taking care of clients when they are thriving, and notably in their times of need,” stated Pam Sunderland.