Sean Thomas and Tom South
St. Tammany, Louisiana

AUG 4, 2020

Strong business owners often study practices that will improve their service offering and expand their business. The seeker mentality is the key driver for companies to continue to improve throughout the company’s life cycle. Payroll Vault St. Tammany owners, Sean Thomas and Tom South, are no strangers to this brand of thinking and working. 

Sean and Tom, also owners of a CPA firm in their local parish, have provided their clients with top-notch care and expertise for almost 30 years. They were already processing payrolls inside their firm, and although this provided a tremendous convenience to their clients, they were keenly aware that they could improve efficiency. In turn, each hoping this would allow them to better market and grow the payroll segment of their business – a long-term goal of theirs.  


During the annual Thomson Reuters conference in 2010, they met Sean Manning, who was building noticeable success with Payroll Vault. As they kept in touch with Manning throughout the next couple years, they continued to be impressed with the ability to build a strong payroll business alongside, but separate from, the accounting firm. 

Soon after Payroll Vault franchised in 2012, Sean and Tom joined the Payroll Vault Team, becoming the first Payroll Vault office to launch in Louisiana. Their goal was, and remains to this day, to continue helping their customers and community navigate through the ever-changing landscape of evolving legislature and compliance demands. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been instrumental in helping their local business community by providing employers more time to concentrate on their core business and not worry about keeping their company in compliance with the rapidly changing payroll rules and regulations.  

“These 7 years have been an exciting journey filled with growth,” stated Sean Thomas. “We can finally comfortably compete against other giants in the payroll industry. Our most significant differentiator is our personalized approach to client services and the special attention we can give to our local businesses. The fact that we live and work in our community makes it a lot easier to provide an exceptional level of personalized assistance and care!” 

Outside of working and ensuring that their professional community is setup for success, you can find them spending time with family and friends and going to see the 2019 National Champions LSU Tigers play football. Some of their favorite spots include the mountains, the beach, and of course Disney World!