Michelle Abel
Marietta, Georgia

OCT 08, 2020 

It’s true. There isn’t a set path to entrepreneurship. Despite common belief, entrepreneurs are not born. They dedicate a great deal of time preparing their mindset, finding the right mentors, and working toward finding their professional passion. Michelle Abel, Payroll Vault Owner- Marietta, Georgia, is no different! Her success story starts with the ambition to help other business professionals navigate their workforce management and compliance goals. 

After more than 20 years developing tax software at Arthur Andersen and Wolters Kluwer (CCH), Michelle was ready for a change of pace. Her aspiration was to own a small local business that services other small businesses. As Michelle was researching franchise opportunities, she came across the Payroll Vault Franchise in the Franchise Business Review.  Promptly, she knew that this was going to be the right fit. For years, she had been privy to the frustrations tax professionals were experiencing with offering payroll. 


Michelle launched her Payroll Vault almost a year ago. She has been steady with her business’s growth and successful with her goals of serving her local business community. Full of ambition and excitement for 2021, her objectives for the next year include increasing her involvement in the local community, building stronger relationships with local businesses, and bringing on new clients that will benefit from the extra time of their day that will not be spent navigating the complexities of payroll.

Payroll Vault offers a streamlined approach that I can easily scale with,” stated Michelle. “With this business model, I was most excited about the fact that I could still maintain the use of my operational skills while building relationships with other small business owners in my local area, which was my main goal; helping other small businesses be successful.”

Outside of work, Michelle loves to spend time with her family. With a Senior in High School and a 2nd year at Georgia Tech, they keep really busy. She and her husband attend football games where their daughter is in the Yellow Jacket Marching Band, drama, and dance performances. Traveling, cooking, hiking, and playing escape rooms as a family is top priority in their household!