Melissa Clary
Fort Collins/Loveland, Colordao

NOV 06, 2020

Every business owner has their genesis story, and it’s often one of the most exciting pieces of their journey to success. Melissa Clary, owner of Payroll Vault Fort Collins/Loveland, Colorado and is supporting brand development in Oahu, Hawaii, joined the Payroll Vault family 8 years ago as Payroll Vault was launching the franchise and beginning its journey.

In 2008, Melissa, a CPA, joined the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants (PASBA), and was appointed Sean Manning as her professional mentor. During that time, Sean was offering guidance about how to transition from a traditional CPA firm to one that offered expanded services that directly helped business owners with their workforce and operational efficiency, as an alternative to only income tax preparation. Over the years, he’s continued to offer great insight and guidance that has allowed Melissa to successfully grow and expand her firm. 


Supporting local business owners is what continues to drive Melissa. With 2020 offering up unforeseen challenges for small and midsize businesses, she is proud to be positioned to offer a service that local professionals can rely on and trust. Her goal is to genuinely make a difference and help bring other business owners’ dreams to fruition.

Melissa is delighted to state that, “Coming in as the first franchisee, I’ve watched Payroll Vault grow and evolve. The changes and advancements have allowed us to achieve greater success in terms of the quality and customizability of the services we have to offer. Two more Payroll Vault franchise offices were added within the Northern Colorado area, and it’s exciting to collaborate with each of the offices on sales and marketing efforts to mutually work to grow the brand presence in our local area. Now that’s a family!” A change in her husband’s career sent them to Hawaii and she has a terrific Team managing and running her Colorado franchise. 

Over the course of the next five years, Melissa will place emphasis on forecasting and planning for the long-term. Her goal is to continue building her business, evolving with market demands, and continue to cater to local small and midsize business clients. As 2020 has demonstrated to us all, there is always room for more clarity of long-term goal setting to help us prepare for the unexpected.

When Melissa takes time to relax, she can be found surfing, paddle boarding, jogging, and hiking with her dog and husband.