Eugene, Oregon
Tim Roberts

DEC 9, 2020

Tim Roberts, owner in Eugene, Oregon, began his entrepreneurial journey with Payroll Vault over two years ago. A seasoned business owner of a janitorial service, he was no stranger to launching and building a business. 

Entrepreneurs learn early where there is strife, there is opportunity. Tim began experiencing significant payroll “pain” while working with his current provider. One day he was thumbing through a recent edition of Business View Magazine and stumbled upon Payroll Vault. At first glance, he thought it would be an opportunity to vet another payroll provider – one that was local and appeared to be responsible. The more Tim investigated Payroll Vault, he learned that it was indeed a franchise concept and another business venture. The opportunity? To launch a new in-demand business and manage his company’s payroll. 


Tim’s goal for the next year are to increase his social media presence and continue to add clients. “People make a business great and this is a great business opportunity because of all the great people,” adds Tim.

When Tim is not tending his businesses, he is golfing, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking in the Oregon mountains.