Frank LaRosa
Moorestown, New Jersey

SEP 07, 2021

The spirit of entrepreneurship can best be defined as a mindset of innovation. It encompasses a commitment to evolving business practices to better optimize efficiency and drive new income streams. Ultimately, an entrepreneur has the ability to see business different and revolutionize change. These skill sets of an entrepreneur are the embodiment of Frank LaRosa, franchise owner of Payroll Vault Moorestown, and are the exact reasons why he was drawn to ownership of his own Payroll Vault franchise.

For more than a decade, Frank has served as CEO of his firm Elite Consulting Partners. Frank's inspiration behind founding Elite Consulting Partners was to form a transition and recruiting consulting firm the likes of which the financial services industry had never seen before - and that is exactly what he has achieved. At the time of the company's 10-year anniversary celebration in July of 2021, the firm boasted nationwide staff of 30+ consultants, two regional office locations, and numerous industry accolades and achievements.

It was through his role as CEO at Elite Consulting Partners that Frank was uniquely positioned to recognize the opportunity that Payroll Vault presented, not only to himself but to other entrepreneurs and business owners.


"I experienced first-hand what being just a number to a large national payroll company is like," explains Frank. "The long hold times to speak to a representative, the inefficiencies of their payroll system, and the lack of reliable information proved a drain on my business time and resources and initiated my search for a better solution. That is when I discovered Payroll Vault."

The Payroll Vault comprehensive suite of human resources and payroll solutions, coupled with its robust support platform, inspired Frank to not only seek out Payroll Vault as a solution for his own firm, but to also become a franchise owner in order to bring the benefits of Payroll Vault to his clients as well.

Frank explains, "Payroll Vault is naturally aligned with the ongoing services we supply to our financial services clients, in addition to presenting an opportunity to diversify into other vertical markets and service areas. These factors made ownership of a Payroll Vault franchise a win-win from every angle."

As Frank enters the fourth quarter of his ownership of his Payroll Vault Moorestown franchise, the synergies between each of his companies continue to become more apparent and foster even more growth and innovation.

When Frank takes a break from his busy schedule as business owner and entrepreneurial visionary, you'll find him practicing his amateur boxing skills at the local gym or spending time with his wife Kim and their two sons. Frank is also an accomplished author, most recently publishing the Amazon Bestseller "Counterpunch" which shares the faith-based business and personal lessons he has learned over the course of his career in order inspire others to rise off the mat, start swinging back, and become the Champion of their own story.