Vinny Saini, Owner
Pleasanton, California

MAR 03, 2022

In business, anything is possible. It depends on where your focus takes you! Today, clients are requiring more hands-on, personalized customer care, and they are not settling for anything less than par anymore. This is disrupting how many business owners go about some key areas of their business. Read on to learn what steps this multi-business owner has taken to ensure that her payrolls are attended to with great care and responsiveness while helping other small business owners in her local community. 

Vinny Saini of Pleasanton, California runs a couple of family-owned franchise businesses and was consistently running into vendors who simply didn’t have, or take the time, for her small business needs. After a few years of a steady decline in customer service that resulted in an increase of frustration, Vinny took matters into her own hands. 

The frustration became determination, which then lead to another stream of income. Vinny was researching a variety of franchises when she discovered Payroll Vault. After several conversations and due diligence, it was decided this would alleviate not only the burden of working with corporate-driven payroll companies but would diversify her business portfolio and transition her payroll expense into income. Bonus! 


Vinny launched Payroll Vault Pleasanton in 2020, 15 months ago, and is thriving. “It has been a really exciting experience, and I am looking forward to seeing the functional benefits of all the cool things that the Payroll Vault brand is working on that will continue to help us provide a superior client experience,” stated Vinny. “Payroll Vault provided me with this exciting opportunity, so this year I will pay it forward. 2022 will be a year focused on spending more time with our clients and referral partners to ensure we can help them with their payroll and workforce management needs and taking advantage of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) benefits.”

As a small business owner herself, Vinny understands the hard work involved in running and growing a company, and she is dedicated to helping her local business owners have the knowledge to be as efficient and successful as possible.


When Vinny gets to enjoy her occasional down-time, she enjoys skiing, hiking and spending time with her amazing puppy.