Tricia Chau
Farmington Hills, Michigan

JUN 01, 2022

Do I still feel as fulfilled in my work as I did when fresh out of college? Where do I see myself in the next 5, 10 years? Am I ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge? Tricia Chau asked herself these questions and more after working in corporate America for over 15 years.  

She knew that she was ready for a change and that the waiting period was over – it was now or never. Her husband John and she started researching different business opportunities and quickly came across the Payroll Vault model. It quickly became evident that owning a Payroll Vault Franchise would allow Tricia to spend more of her precious time doing things that she enjoyed, and the franchise opportunity would also connect her to her work in a more purposeful way.


A couple of months passed as she continued researching business opportunities and attending Discovery Days and then the decision was made. Tricia joined the Payroll Vault Team in February 2021 and is working diligently to grow her business and assist as many small businesses in her area as possible. 

When she’s not working, she is fulfilling the other part of her dream by spending time with her family and being active outdoors as much as possible. In winter, you will find them out on the ski slopes or flying down the nearest sledding hill. In summer, you will find them hiking, biking, running, paddleboarding or anything else that involves family, friends, sun, and water!