Meet our Franchisees!
Meredith & Zane Glover, Ft.Collins, Colorado

MAR 09, 2020

Meredith and Zane are long time, successful accounting firm owners in Fort Collins, Colorado with a healthy balance of accounting and payroll clients. Not wanting to abandon the payroll segment of the business, they began researching a variety of avenues to separate it from their accounting firm, including launching their own payroll company. After all, it’s lucrative and a necessary part of all business, and by separating payroll from their accounting firm, they could specialize and become more efficient. 


They began noticing increased frequent payroll related compliance adjustments. The trends continue to amplify, becoming tedious and time consuming to manage. To help shine some light on their realization, within a year's time there were over 130 payroll compliance and labor law updates. It was clear that it was time to abandon payroll altogether or find a better solution to managing that portion of their business. 


During a Tax Speaker event, they learned about Payroll Vault and became intrigued. This could be the answer they were looking for. After carefully considering all their options, they decided to move forward with a Payroll Vault franchise. 

Beginning the second quarter of 2017, they were fully setup and running payroll for existing and new clients. During the past three years, they have been dedicated to building their business so they can focus on other important goals such as spending more weekends fishing alpine lakes where they usually encounter a lot of moose. As a result, year over year they have experienced great growth and are achieving their lifestyle goals!


When Meredith and Zane are away from the office, they are fishing, climbing, and riding bikes with their kids.