Littleton, Colorado – September 7, 2022 – The boutique-style full-service payroll and workforce management franchise separated traditional accounting from payroll and launched as an independent payroll service in 2008. The significant increase in efficiency pushed the payroll franchise concept forward to emerge in 2012. Payroll Vault continues to  encourage and guide successful entrepreneurs on their path to payroll success. With 65 locations across the nation, Payroll Vault continues to expand its reach with client service top of  mind.


Payroll Vault owner, Cindy Thompson, MBA, opened the doors to her Payroll Vault in August. Payroll Vault introduces an innovative model for offering payroll to her local community that is founded on a client-focused, locally owned approach. The firm differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a simplified payroll process that offers a level of personalized service that big box brands cannot.

Payroll Vault is different from other national brands,” said Cindy Thompson, Payroll Vault owner. “We’ve taken advantage of the latest web-based technologies to move the payroll process online. Our system is secure, simple, and offers a level of real-time, personalized service.”


Payroll Vault is the ideal solution for small and medium businesses, offering a convenient, remote option for payroll processing. The solution alleviates business owners from investing in costly payroll software and risking non-compliance by managing payroll themselves. By outsourcing payroll services to a team of experts, business owners also free up time that can be better spent growing their business.


“We know payroll inside and out,” stated Cindy Thompson. “I’ve spent nearly four decades with large corporations servicing a variety of clients across all industries to help them solve technology challenges and make their workflows more efficient.  With an extensive business and marketing background, I look forward to assisting the businesses in my own local community to help clients tailor a payroll solution that best meets their needs.”


Cindy Thompson purchased a Payroll Vault franchise from founder and CEO, Sean Manning, CPA, after seeing the success and client loyalty within other Payroll Vault firms. Manning has refined the payroll business model over many years to offer a business model with proven success.

“Once I decided to make the shift from the corporate world, I spent a great deal of time searching for a solid and established opportunity to provide a service small business owners could really benefit from. The success of other franchise owners and the efficiency and ease of set up offered by the Payroll Vault model made it an easy choice. The Payroll Vault brand will certainly move us and our clients toward expanded business success.” 


About Payroll Vault

Payroll Vault’s company mission began in 2008, focused on re-defining payroll services and solutions, complemented with unparalleled client service. Payroll Vault offers boutique-style payroll services for small businesses and provides a real-time solution for clients. In 2012, Payroll Vault launched its first franchise. Through providing entrepreneurs the opportunity to start-up their own full-service payroll business with the support of our team of experts with decades of experience, Payroll Vault Franchising is recognized as a national leader in the industry with numerous offices across the United States and expanding.


Jessica Martin

Payroll Vault Franchising
Director of Marketing & EPM