SEP 18, 2023

Payroll Vault of Oklahoma City is a full-service payroll company that offers flexible and efficient payroll options to help business owners save time. The company's owner, Cynthia Cox, was recently featured on OKC Fox to discuss how their services are revolutionizing payroll services for local businesses. During the segment, she highlighted how Payroll Vault of OKC can help make the stress of payroll a thing of the past, emphasizing their commitment to offering personalized and tailored solutions that meet each client's specific needs. Business owners looking for quality, reliable payroll services can learn more by calling our office. It’s time to Re-Think© payroll!


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We’re eager to help you improve communication between your leadership and your staff. We’re a payroll service provider that offers a suite of payroll and HR solutions that you can use to help provide your staff with an open and clear source of information regarding the company’s finances and HR policies; and help them provide you with information regarding their hours, work schedules, and more. Visit us today to learn more about what Payroll Vault can do for your company.