The past year and a half has welcomed significant growth for Payroll Vault and also unlocked new opportunities. Excitement flows throughout the system every day!

Our newest addition to help support local exposure for each office is the launch of local, or unique, domains for the client facing website, Each franchise location that has opted-in will have a URL that is specific to their location and will serve as their unique identifier in the digital space. Their pages will also follow a separate template that allows for added customization which represents their local community, clientele and their team.

This new project will tie-in directly to search engine optimization (SEO) goals and set up each local office for supplementary highly targeted digital marketing initiatives as they see fit. Moreover, the local domains will position each location for enhanced direct traffic access, physical marketing abilities, industry trust and instant brand recognition. With the new sites in place, each location will be easy to discover and memorable.

All sites should be operational and visible within the next six weeks and we are excited to share the new look, feel and success stories along with each launch.

new local domain sites for payroll vault locations