strategic goalsGoal setting is an exciting part of growing your business. It signifies that you have attained several milestones up to this point, and that you are ready to move forward with purpose to achieve another set of strategic goals.

The first step is understanding organizational and departmental goals. Determine what the organization needs and how each department will aid in the process. Then take the time to review the previous year, what worked, what didn’t, and make an inventory of what was learned with each success and challenge. The overview of each situation will add tremendous clarity to what your goals are and which department(s) need to manage them to be most effective.

Another helpful tactic is to set realistic goals within a realistic time-frame. Define what your annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals are, and then creating your daily task list is a cinch. Also, by identifying which goals are immediate or delayed, allows for proper resource planning and mitigates any potential for feeling overwhelmed.

Within a few directed well-planned steps, you have successfully created milestones for the year. In the process you have created a strong, focused team that knows exactly what they need to do and when.