strategic goal setting 1“New Year, new you.” I’ve never understood that notion. Let’s begin again… “New Year, smarter you.” Now, we’re jumping off to a workable, realistic start!

Planning and goal setting is a procrastination point for most people because they have already decided that they will fail or flounder, so why work through the process. Let’s just go ahead and throw that out, too. We are already decluttering; feels great!

Understanding where your company resides today is the key that unlocks the adventure of where you are going tomorrow.

What is your company’s cultural state? Are your employees happy and fulfilled? Is there room for advancement? Have your employees become obsessed with your brand and mission?

The answers to these critical, yet simple questions will drive your business forward, or into a chaotic array of directions. As a leader of your organization, you direct the company culture, which steers the resources that drive your overall success. By pausing to understand the current company environment, you can begin the goal setting process.

YOUR Q1 CHALLENGE: take the time to learn about and understand what your current company culture is, and how it’s acting, and to where you are driving it. Be ambitious about 2017 and challenge yourself!

A few simple steps to begin this process:

  • What are your company’s core values? Clearly define these to drive your culture.
  • What are your company’s core behaviors? Is your talent practicing these internally and externally?
  • Is your talent obsessed with your brand? Do your employees get excited about the company, its mission, and its beliefs?
“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” – Ken Robinson