strategic goal settingIf you decided to accept our Quarter 1 challenge in February, let us know how the process has been, and what you’ve learned. Small steps will make even deeper impressions!

We’ve discussed the process of discovering where you are as an organization, now it’s time to move forward with goal setting. Understanding the talent strengths you are working with, your vision can become a thriving reality.

Placing your talent appropriately within your company will spark creation and innovation. Every employee within each department should have a series of Key Performance Indicators that were defined in Q1 that are reviewed monthly and quarterly. You may want to take this a step further and ask that everyone to create three of their own KPIs. You will notice the overall PERFORMANCE improvement immediately!

Allowing people to create a series of quarterly goals gives your team the opportunity to work with a clearly defined sense of purpose. You’ve set everyone diligently working toward meeting industry and company goals, and working toward personal success. Think back to when you set goals for yourself and achieved them; you probably felt like an empowered Rockstar!

Performance enhancement organically generates GROWTH. Revenue and profits increase when the quality of work improves. You have spurred a growth initiative that will continue to drive your company forward! Next, you may want to implement new a training strategy that will continue to provide purpose and fulfillment to your team.

Empowering your PEOPLE to think, grow and achieve will provide you peace of mind. By providing learning tools that aid your team in assessing situations, they can make educated choices about eliminating the point(s) of interference to create a desired outcome. They become the problem solvers through open communication and participation; the company culture is born.

A culture of community and collaboration is fostered and again, performance is enhanced, revenue and profits increase, and you employ a village of vested, equipped talent!

Now, that is talent intelligence. 

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein