Franchises have unique needs. Who better to understand the needs of a franchise system or owner than another franchise company? Payroll Vault, the nation’s only boutique payroll and human resources franchise, can work with franchisors and individual franchise owners in their local markets to provide flexible, affordable payroll solutions and compliance tools from a partner whose technology, professional service, and support meet your high standards.

The Payroll Vault Value to Franchise Systems

Be a preferred provider to support your system sustainability through:

  • Transition expense into income for multi-unit owners by diversifying professional portfolio
  • Supporting business owners in attracting and retaining quality talent
  • Scalable workforce management services to support your company’s growth at every milestone
  • Navigate Complex Rules and Regulations During a Crisis
  • Manage Complicated Compliance Rules
  • Avoid Penalties & Interest by Outsourcing to Payroll Professionals

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Client Focused. Technology Driven. Payroll Re-Defined.


Deb Domke, Owner, Payroll Vault Kentucky
Staley Payments has, hands down, the absolute best personalized customer service and transparency I’ve seen anywhere in the industry.  Through their consultative approach we were able to save one of our clients over $17,000 in merchant service fees.  When you talk about adding value for your clients, these people simply rock!