Payroll Case Study

  • San Antonio, Texas

    A personalized hospice care company was looking for a better payroll solution. They had been using a big box payroll outsourcing competitor, but she wanted to explore other options and do a price comparison against her current vendor.

    She called Payroll Vault San Antonio, and they provided her with a quote based on her needs. They also performed a payroll checkup in other areas, and it turned out that she was paying more than she needed to be.

    The owner chose Payroll Vault San Antonio because they saved her 40% on her payroll expenses while providing a higher level of client care.

  • Walnut Creek, California

    The owner of the general contracting firm needed to grow revenue faster. He was recommended by his accountant to tidy up his financial presentation so he could get his financial picture of his company to look healthy and organized. He needed to show he was regularly pulling income and paying his employees.

    We set up the client’s company on payroll, which helped him demonstrate a regular reflection of income, assured him that his taxes were now reported accurately and on time, and improved the overall health of his business.

  • Crown Point, Indiana

    An automotive repair shop owner was using a payroll service to complete their payroll and withholding for payments of federal, state and local taxes. The owner was paying quite a bit of money to the big box payroll service and had no real support when they needed help.  They also could not understand the fees that were being charged for the services. 

    When the owner tried to contact the payroll service company, response times were very long.  These delays in communication became a big problem when trying to resolve issues that were urgent.

    By signing on with Payroll Vault, the owner now only has to submit the payroll hours.  All of the processing, payments of taxes, filings and other related matters are handled by our staff.  This gives them more time to focus on other business activities.

  • Paducah, Kentucky

    Client: Hardware Store that closed during Covid-19 and did not re-open. 

    Because of the excellent service that Payroll Vault had provided the owners of a local hardware store (closed during Covid-19) when the store sold to new owners, they referred the new business owner to use Payroll Vault for their payroll processing.

    We met with the new owner and helped with setting up his new payroll tax accounts including local, state, and unemployment in October of 2020. We also introduced our suite of workforce solutions and were able to provide timekeeping and labor law posters. 

    Since, we have helped with Round 2 of the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP), Family First Coronavirus Recovery Act (FFCRA), and now the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) for Start-Ups in third and fourth quarters of 2021. We have obtained $132,000 to-date for our small business client in recovery funds.

    PPP = $80,000

    ERTC Start-Up = $50,000

    FFCRA = $2,000

    ERTC = Unknown

    Additionally, we have done small business consulting for the addition of a lateral product line expansion in his current retail establishment and possible business acquisitions for future growth.

    Payroll Vault provided not only payroll services but works with their clients to find workforce solutions to build AMAZING BUSINESSES!

  • San Antonio, Texas

    A defense contractor was not happy with the customer service experience they were getting from their previous payroll company. They went from a smaller payroll outsourcing competitor in search of a company with more accounting experience. About 8 months later, the defense contractor called with an emergency: the larger big box payroll outsourcing competitor had destroyed their payroll by not filing taxes properly, resulting in fines and notices that needed to be addressed immediately.

    The defense contractor decided to move forward with Payroll Vault San Antonio, who they felt offered a more customized client experience that fit their needs. They wanted us to do their ERC filing and save them money on payroll processing.

    Their end result? Their ERC tax credit ended up being $1.1M. We were able to save the contractor about 20% on payroll processing and simplified their process by offering an innovative technology solution that fits their needs!

  • Walnut Creek, California

    The owner of a dental practice had been with a payroll services competitor for years. He hadn’t been prompted to check up on the company's offerings or efficiencies in years. He was so busy running his dental practice that he didn't have time to check in on the back-office of his business.

    When Payroll Vault heard about the owner's situation, we set up his company on payroll, reviewed his workforce management services—workers' comp, merchant services, payroll processes—and informed him about the ERC tax credit. We even helped him get more dedicated attention than what he was receiving with the other payroll company.

    As a result of Payroll Vault's help, the owner was able to get $25,652 in ERC tax credits; save $569/year on workers' comp; save $320/month on merchant services; and save a modest amount on payroll services (about $10/month).

  • Crown Point, Indiana

    A local media production company was with a large payroll provider and needed help with determining their eligibility for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC).  Their payroll company does not process ERTC credits. I met the client’s wife at a networking event and she set up a meeting with us to discuss the credits.

    The client had received a PPP loan that was forgiven which would need to be factored in when the calculations were done.  We informed them that we could handle the filings and at a very reasonable price and they decided to move forward with us.  Not only did they have us complete their ERTC which refunded them close to $50,000.00, of which nothing had to be repaid, they also have been our payroll client ever since.

  • Crown Point, Indiana

    An accounting firm was having trouble maintaining enough staffing to cover their payroll processing services for their clients.  They decided they wanted to eliminate payroll processing as an option and contacted us to see if we could help.  Their deadline to complete a transition out of payroll was January 1st of 2022. They contacted us in the last week of October while my wife and I were on our delayed (due to covid) honeymoon in St. Lucia.  As we do for all of our clients and potential clients, we did not wait until we were back in the states to respond. 

    During a period of about 6 weeks or so, we were able to communicate with all of the companies that were referred to us and contacted us about our services and get them set up so that they did not miss their payroll.