1. World Environment Day

    World Environment Day was established in 1974 and is operated by the United Nations Environment Program. This worldwide day of recognition has grown to become a global platform that is celebrated in over 100 countries. Annually, the theme and host changes and is observed each year on June 5th to raise global awareness to protect our great planet and nature – which also encompasses wildlife effor…Read More

  2. Hiring for the Summer: What You Need to Know

    School is out, and teens and young adults are looking for work. For a business owner, this is an ideal time to hire a few spare hands and provide young adults the opportunity to develop valuable social and business skills, build a strong work ethic, and gain professional experience. The benefits of seasonal hires: Placing your teen or young adult on the payroll Your teen can learn the family busin…Read More

  3. Rebranding or Entity Change?

    In the past couple years we have had several dozen clients go through the steps to either rebrand their business, or change their entity type. With a rebrand, this can be a great time to infuse new energy and excitement around their product. With an entity change, a business will update their registration with the IRS. For the majority of our clients, this also means creating a new FEIN (Federal …Read More

  4. Employee Exceptions

    Effective business owners strive for engaged and happy employees who will be more productive. However, in their attempt to cater to an employee who seems to need an exception (i.e., modified pay structure or PTO policy, cash loan, etc.), we’ve observed our clients painting themselves into a compliance corner that is oftentimes difficult, and potentially expensive, to navigate. However, before d…Read More

  5. Why is supporting small business so important?

    Small business is the backbone of America and represents 99.7% of all employer firms. Now, that’s a noticeable contribution! Small business offers much to the US and are celebrated on both National Small Business Week, and Small Business Saturday. See the benefits that small businesses provide and why they are important to our economic status: Expansion Small businesses aren’t limited to kee…Read More

  6. Spring into Spring Cleaning

    Winter has left, Spring has sprung, and it’s that time of year again! Yes, it’s time to clean out your closets, update your home and office space, freshen and tidy up, and get rejuvenated! Remember to apply these same principals to your business operations so you can move forward with purpose, and achieve your business goals. As you tidy up and get things in order, now is the time to perform …Read More

  7. What’s the Value of a Dedicated Payroll Specialist?

    Customer service and the overall client experience is paramount to our team. The Payroll Vault corporate culture fosters a helpful and positive environment that trickles throughout all departments to every employee. From sales to operations, our objective is to make you feel like family. Dedicated Payroll Specialists ensure your every need is addressed, researched, and resolved. They are your lif…Read More

  8. It’s Tax Time!

    Effective communication with your employees is paramount to their satisfaction, and ultimately to the success of your business. One basic and often neglected tool, is the humble pay stub. Most pay stubs will have detailed pay item information, deductions, W4 status, and the all-important TAX calculations. Employees who have access to their stubs online can easily update their W4 and other persona…Read More

  9. Green Payroll and Why It Matters: Help Your Business Thrive

    “Going Green” is more than a buzzword. The trend that has been spanning decades and becoming a more sustainable business has incredible benefits to your company, to the environment, to your employees, and to your customers. Top benefits for companies are: A stronger brand New revenue sources Lower costs More efficient use of resources Innovation Payroll Vault encourages sustainable practices …Read More