1. Minimum Wage Increase January 2018

    With 2018 around the corner, we would like to offer a small reminder that minimum wages may increase for regular and tipped employees in your state. If this is the case in your area, know your labor posters will need to be updated so your company remains in compliance. Don’t wait to prepare for the changes that are on the horizon. Keeping up on labor postings updates is a timely process that re…Read More

  2. Security and your Company

    As more of our lives and our businesses are conducted online and at a faster pace than ever, we need to slow down to consider what we are doing to safeguard our information. Is the information we are sending and sharing secure? What kind of network are we on? Can anyone else gain access to our information? Here are some topics of consideration for businesses both upstream and downstream from yours…Read More

  3. Referrals – How to Ask

    Luckily for businesses, lead generation can be achieved through ample channels and tactics. Among the top are Networking, Exhibitions/Tradeshows, Referrals, and digital marketing strategies. The most underused and fundamental method is the utilization of Referral Partners. Referral Partners are individuals or companies that refer business to you and your business – lead passers. They can be an i…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Human Resources

    A common statement echoed by many small business owners is, “I’m a small business. I manage all HR related tasks, and don’t need HR…yet.” And, the most common question asked is, “I’m a small business, why do I need an HR generalist when I can do it myself?” Many small and medium-sized businesses will take on human resource duties, as well as payroll and tax management, reception, a…Read More

  5. Timekeeping

    Accuracy Operating efficiently is imperative to ensure costs are controlled. Economic focus can be more critical for the start-up, or small business. A timekeeping solution is oftentimes overlooked, and viewed as “it can wait”. Many offices continue to use manual timekeeping, or allow employees to approximate their time each pay period. Either scenario is possible cause for error and additiona…Read More

  6. Bare to be You – Your Authentic Self

    Lead generation and relationship building are strong facets of building a reliable and trusted brand presence that will further support the organization’s goals and objectives. The most common way to achieve all of these goals is through networking. Take notice, most common was used in place of easy. Networking is defined as a process that fosters the exchange of information and ideas among indi…Read More

  7. FMLA – Changing Standards

    The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is a United States Labor Law that was implemented to assist families in need of balancing the demands of their career and home. Eligibility begins after 12 months of employment with a singular company, 1,250 hours worked during that 12-month period, and with which that company employs 50 or more employees within 75 miles. Both public and private sect…Read More

  8. Registered in Four New States

    The Payroll Vault brand is experiencing tremendous growth due to the growing complexity of payroll processing and the need for clients and partners to have a trustworthy processor. In today's market, payroll is among the Top 5 Most Outsourced Services, and is fueled by complex legislation and compliance demands. Payroll Vault now has locations operating in 17 states to ensure that a local, dependa…Read More

  9. Culture and Inclusivity

    The Evolving Face of Human Resources Technology coupled with an evolving workforce is impacting change at lightning speed. Outside of expanding how and where we conduct business, it has vastly transformed our work culture and our interaction. Human Resource departments are experiencing an evolution in their roles and expectations due to this dynamic shift. Traditionally, the HR department was the …Read More