Sean Manning, co-author of the award-winning book Six Steps to Small Business Success, believes there is a better way to manage and grow a business in 2015 by breaking away from traditional methods. Here are some key points to think about for putting strategy into your business in the New Year.

To be successful, today’s entrepreneur has to strategically consider marketing, branding, management, and staffing for their business. Millennials are the demographic that are becoming recognized as the key players to business success by their innovation, savviness for technology, and willingness to work during their most creative times of the day. Breaking away from the traditional 8-5 workday and traditional methods of business, Millennials look for career enrichment and meaningful work and once they find the right organization or a business leader they believe in, they are willing to work hard to produce great results.

As small business owners it is important to work on your company’s mission and vision, but it is equally important to create a distinct company culture, or company essence – where each staff member can create voluntary actions to make client experience and the work environment better. It takes leadership to create a company essence that attracts talented new hires. Consider taking on a mentorship role rather than a management role. “Staffing employees doesn’t exist for me anymore,” says Manning. “I look for talented individuals who can help us as an organization, work as part of a team, and provide a career for them, not just a job. With the right approach, Millennials will work more efficiently and be even more productive.”

Millennials thrive in an environment that:

  • offers continuous learning and collaboration
  • is driven by a vision and a clear WHY of the organization’s purpose
  • offers flexibility and is based on trust

Are Millennials right?

We are a culture used to a directive management style which requires following processes and procedures. Business has become more creative in the last decade and business owners sticking to traditional management methods will be left behind. While many owners think they are entrepreneurs, they are actually solopreneurs – running a business single-handedly in all aspects. Adapt to this changing business environment and seize every opportunity that 2015 has in store for us!