Does your health impact your work performance? According to studies, healthier employees are more productive in general. Clean eating and moderate exercise create added benefits, not only to one’s overall personal life, but contribute to higher productivity in the workplace as well. Not only does a healthy lifestyle add more energy to all facets of your life, but it can also decrease overall absences from the workplace caused by injury and illness.

So, how can you offer this type of benefit to your staff while reaping the benefits of higher productivity without adding high costs and a negative return?

A lot of offices have been implementing different styles of desks. Some of the more inexpensive options (as compared to building a workout facility on premise that may be under utilized) include standing desks and treadmill desks. Both of these generally have positive reviews from users.

Other options:

  • Purchasing facilities and fitness equipment (probably one of the most expensive options to implement) is a great idea in theory, but it may not fit in your budget and may not be something that is used very often. What does your company culture look like? Would implementing something like this attract top talent for your workforce?
  • If there’s enough interest, you can apply for a group discount at a fitness club. This is a great way to offer an added benefit that is inexpensive depending on the fitness club. Typically the model uses economies of scale to sell bulk membership packages.
  • Offer incentives to for employees to exercise independently. Don’t spend too much time building an incentive plan, but put something in place to where it will make employees actually want to exercise, especially if you have a very sedentary office.
  • If you’re currently offering soda, chips, and candy bars in your office, opt to include other healthier options as well. Protein bars, fruit, and other options can be offered to incentivize all staff to be health conscious..

Increase productivity in your office starting today. Implement a strategy that will make your workforce want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and increase productivity and happiness in your office.