Consumers and businesses are getting smarter about conservation and doing business “green.” People are actively looking for better options—those that positively affect the environment while also boosting convenience. When it comes to how employees are getting paid, this is also the case. It may have taken some time for direct deposit and pay cards to catch on, but more and more people are now using them over paper checks. Smart!
Direct deposit and pay cards support a completely paperless payroll process. Creating an electronic process and eliminating paper checks offers several benefits. Using both direct deposit and pay cards eliminates the need for check stock and paystubs. Consider the extended value:

  • Significantly reduce costs because you no longer have to stock and use paper supplies.
  • Significantly reduce time investments because employees have immediate self-serve access to their pay stubs and W-2s instead of requesting this information from you.
  • Offers convenience for you and your employees—you get online access to payroll reports and no longer have to worry about paycheck fraud. Your employees no longer have to deal with cashing paper checks.
  • Simplifies payroll distribution across all categories of employees, including unbanked, contract, temporary, part-time, and remote.
  • Boost marketing efforts—brand your pay cards so they are exclusive to your business.
  • Eliminate delays in payments to employees—if there’s a printer malfunction, paper shortage, bank holiday, or natural disaster, no worries!

Consider the value of going paperless! Check in to direct deposit and pay cards today. Both you and your employees win!