In today’s global society, digital marketing continues to grow and connect the world in ways that even just 10 years ago wasn’t possible. Social networks reign high in conjunction with digital marketing messages being stamped into our brains sometimes even subconsciously. People are connecting at high rates and the world is continually becoming more flat.

With communication becoming so easy and transparent, can traditional onsite networking still compete? The answer is yes.

When it’s so easy to become connected with people digitally, it’s easy to become disconnected socially on a person-to-person level. But the world moves in cycles and the ‘old’ is becoming ‘new’. Onsite networking is becoming stronger in that people want to connect with people on a real level. Face-to-face and doing business with a handshake builds stronger and more successful business and personal relationships than by connecting online and being lost in the clutter of faces of strangers and constant ‘invites to connect’.

Marilyn Manning weighs in on this topic in her article “Giving Onsite Networking Its Due Consideration” published in the February 2015 issue of Franchising World magazine.

Marilyn goes into detail regarding:

  • Removing the intimidation factor from networking
  • Understanding the room
  • The cling-on effect
  • How to get away from a strange stranger
  • Follow-up is a key step
  • Ready, set… network!
  • Learn all about the power of the human touch.

Read the full article here.