Paperless, digital, and instantaneous. This describes the modern day way in which we all communicate. In the world of digital communication, email is standard. With email also comes basic criteria for communicating effectively. A few of these are: Proper spelling and grammar, manners, addressing the person properly, a polite close to your letter, and your signature block.

For business professionals, your signature block is sometimes an overlooked fundamental that’s vital for email communication. This is your digital business card. It is essential in your signature block to have your contact information, especially your phone number, logo, social media links, website address, and email address. Be certain to have a signature block on both your desktop email and your phone email.

Using a signature block with your contact information is completely to your advantage. If you’re trying to court someone to do business with you and your competition is using a signature block and you’re not, you had better have something that they really want so they’re not jumping through hoops trying to contact you. It makes you look, by far, much more professional.

If you’re not using a signature block with your contact and business information, you’re not branding yourself and you’re making it a challenge for people to get ahold of you. Sometimes, email is not the best form of communication. Meetings, phone calls, and video conferencing are important, but won’t necessarily happen when the only business card you’ve given someone is your email address with no signature block. Make your email communications seamless and effective by including a signature block.