Your new prospective employee looks great on paper and crushed it throughout the interview process. References can say what the interviewee wants them to say. Items can be doctored, and resumes can be fabricated. How can you tell who is really working for you? What’s their history and what has really happened in their past work experience?

Did you know?

  • 45% of all resumes contain one or more fabrications (statistic from Society for Human Resource Management)
  • 6% of annual revenue loss is contributed to fraudulent employee behavior– 33% of business failures are due to employee theft ($15-25 billion each year).
  • 17% of all national crime occurs in the workplace – 18% of which are violent crimes.

Protect yourself and your business with background checks and pre-employment drug screening. Be proactive and KNOW who you’re hiring. Don’t get caught scrambling to stay afloat after an incident occurs.

  • Multi-state criminal background searches
  • SSN valuation and address tracker
  • Multi-state sex & violent offenders search
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Employment credit reports
  • Healthcare industry search services
  • Tenant screening Volunteer screening
  • Alias search
  • Employment & Education Verification

We want you to succeed and can provide your business with the necessary tools to achieve your business goals. Have questions about a potential employee? Does your prospect seem too good to be true? Do you have an employee who’s a good candidate for a drug screening? Contact Payroll Vault today and we can help.