Screenshot_1Our Company Essence and Culture are built on one simple goal: To create a great experience for our clients, business partners, and staff which will lead to a unique opportunity to be rewarded with successful careers and a company that directly contributes to the business community and the success of others around us.

Simply stated, exceptionalCustomer Service will build Great Relationships, Great Careers and a Great Company!

Job Function is something that we need to do to provide Payroll Services to our clients. Company Essence is voluntary and creates a lasting memory.

The book Delight Your Customers, by Steve Curtin, also offers additional details about Company Essence. Here are some additional ideas to gain from reading the book:

Give priority around respectfully engaging and supporting your clients to build a great client relationship that will result in high customer satisfaction.

When we work hard to develop and manage skills that allow us to be successful in our job function we then have an opportunity to be happy and creative with our Job Essence.