Spotlight on: Game Source, LLC

From the very start, I’ve always felt like I was important... not just a number or someone in a call queue.

Steve Thompson,

Keeping it local

For gaming expert, Steven Thompson, local is the way to go if you want dedicated, fast, and highly personalized service.

Like most busy business owners, Steven (Steve) Thompson, owner of two Game Source stores, understands the value of outsourcing time-intensive back-office work like payroll. But beyond handing over the multitude of manual tasks and compliance concerns that make up payroll processing, Steve also wanted to keep it local.

“I like to stay local with my business as much as possible,” Steven stated. “With Payroll Vault, I get more than just close proximity, I get exceptionally personalized service, where they know me when I call and can fix any issue or answer questions really fast.

” Prior to moving his business to Payroll Vault, Steve used a national payroll provider. “Our payroll was processed just fine, but every time I called, I would talk to someone different and have to give some background. It didn’t have nearly the personal feel that I get with Payroll Vault.”

Keeping it local in terms of service providers isn’t always easy to do. Sometimes the service you need simply isn’t supported, leading business owners to larger, national providers to handle work.

“I was happy to learn about Payroll Vault and that it is located in my community. Using local providers is important to me, especially when the quality of service is so high. That’s what I get with Payroll Vault.

Payroll...without the numbers

Payroll Vault has changed the game in terms of service and support. While part of an industry steeped in numbers, clients never feel like one.

“From the very start, I’ve always felt like I was important...not just a number or someone in a call queue,” Steve said.

From the point of service transfer, Steve explained the ease of the transition and how Payroll Vault staff took care of everything- never creating any interruptions in business. A key staff member was assigned to his account and made sure that everything was set up, all payroll information was collected and transfered accordingly, and that he was up-to-speed on the platform.

“I’ve never got this level of detailed service from our previous payroll provider,” he recounted.

Steve also praises the ease of retrieving documents and inputting payroll data. With Payroll Vault, everything is offered to clients online within a highly secure and convenient web-based platform.

“I just go online, sign in to my account, and enter payroll data,” Steve explained. “With our previous provider, I had to call data in, which meant waiting on the phone and then spending another several minutes talking through it all with the rep. I’m saving so much time with Payroll Vault. The online system is great.”

Getting documents is also much fast- and not just because the service is offered online, but also due to the level of dedicated support.

Steve explained that before Payroll Vault he had to call and request needed documents; for example, monthly statements. Documents would then either be emailed or mailed to him. There was no on-demand option.

“Now, I just go online and get my documents. They [documents] are all out there, nice and organized for me. Payroll Vault’s self-serve model is such a time saver.”

Final words…

Beyond the exceptional convenience of Payroll Vault’s progressive platform, Steve Thompson receives service that is exemplary, customized, and expert.

“I am a big fan of the service for many reasons,” Steve explained. “First, I get to work with a local company where they know who I am. My rep will even come into my store to see us. That’s a feeling of community that you can’t get from a national provider. Second, because the service is so well organized and offered online, I can get documents I need immediately without having to place a call and I can enter payroll data in minutes. The time savings is incredible.”

As Steve stated many times, it’s hard to find providers these days that offer an exceptional product while also providing service that feels personal.

“I’m always amazed at how fast they [Payroll Vault employees] are in turning around work or answering my questions. But at the end of the day, the biggest value is the peace of mind knowing everything is getting done right...and I found it right here in my community.”