#1 question that accountants and tax professionals are asking themselves for 2015! Payroll Services?

This could be the #1 question that accountants and tax professionals are asking themselves for 2016!

Why? Because knowing the answer to this question will help you define the direction and future success of your business. Most accountants and tax professionals just went through one of the most difficult and stressful tax seasons in history: New ACA requirements, tangible personal property regulations, clients paying more taxes, complicated returns that were confusing to clients, charging the appropriate fees to equate your time needed to manage the changes, and some professionals even trying to offer payroll services.

Find your true opportunity. If you offer no or little payroll services, find the right referral partner– one that will truly work with you, refer you business, and work closely with you and your clients.

  • Payroll Vault was founded by an accounting firm, by a CPA, so we know the value we must bring to clients and a referral relationship.
  • It is no longer just about payroll and payroll taxes and labor law reviews. Audits are rising because employer mismanagement and antiquated after-the-fact-payroll management leads to rising employee complaints.
Software Relief
  • Software will continue to change at a rapid pace. If you currently don’t have the best software solution in place, and it’s effectively operational, you’re complicating payroll offerings for yourself and clients.
Regulation…more employer regulation…
  • If federal regulations are not overly complicated, states are where the most risk will start to shift with payroll management. Not only are laws and requirements changing but wage and labor reporting agencies are now auditing at a much higher rate because of the negligence of small business owners. Avoid the risk!
Resources that you need to operate your business
  • Are you properly allocating your staff and business resources? Whether it is your own time and commitment or that of staff resources, they are all a precious commodity and require management and support.

Here are your options:

Invite your clients to a complimentary Payroll Checkup with Payroll Vault

If you are currently offering after-the-fact-payroll services and ready to offer a better solution to your clients we can help ease pressure and educate your clients on the value of outsourced payroll for their business.

Client acquisition opportunity

If you currently offer payroll services and are ready to transition out of this division of your practice, lets meet to discuss options that we can provide to help you.

Payroll Vault’s Referral Partner Program for CPAs

If you are looking for a reliable solution for your clients’ payroll needs, Payroll Vault can act as your strategic partner, offering full service payroll and HR to your clients. Revenue sharing and referral bonuses available.

Problems Solved: Invest in your own business, reallocate resources that provide you the best revenue options and find a partner like Payroll Vault!

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