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It’s critical that business owners know who they are hiring. Part of a thorough screening process is running a background check, which is quickly becoming a common practice.. Having all the facts on potential candidates is not only important to selecting the best person for the job, but it’s also an important factor in protecting your business.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Approximately 50% of all resumes and applications contain false information.
  • Nearly 35% of all business failures are a result of employee theft.
  • About 18% of all violent crimes occur in the workplace.

These stats are at the core of why business owners need to make background checks a part of their regular recruitment process.

The recent economic turnaround shows a decrease in unemployment rates, and that translates into an increase in hiring. With more candidates to screen, it’s a smart move to refine your hiring procedures and consider background checks.

When it comes to protecting your company, background checks are extremely valuable. Consider the type of information you can uncover from a single background check:

  • Work performance issues
  • Overinflated or missing experience
  • Overtly false employment and/or education information
  • Bankruptcy
  • Fraud
  • Criminal offenses such as theft, drug abuse, assault/battery, and much more…

Each of these items represents a potential threat to your business. Is it worth the risk to forego a background screening?

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