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Planning is very important to being more productive because planning will help you determine the result or outcome you want to achieve. That being said, do not spend all of your time planning (rather than doing), but before emails, calls, and meetings, plan out what result you’re looking to achieve.

Manage Your Time Like a Pro

Time is always of the essence. When you’re busy with one task, you’re missing the opportunity for something else. If you’re focused on completing your tasks in the most effective manner, you can maximize overall on how you use your time.

Goals – Setting, Working, Achieving, Surpassing

David Brailsford, former performance director for Team Sky (a cycling team that competes in Tour de France), has a great approach to achieving goals. He teaches how to focus on making marginal gains by making small improvements on minor aspects that may be overlooked. By taking this approach to your professional and personal life, you can make small improvements in areas to help you achieve your goals.


Using automation can help immensely with increasing productivity. If you’re not maximizing the use of automation products or a suite, you’re probably spending more time than you should by having a lot of manual methods in place that aren’t sufficiently fulfilling what they need to.

Start the morning off right

When your alarm goes off, don’t immediately start checking emails and/or social media. Just don’t do it. Exercise and stretch, eat a healthy breakfast, and energize with a cold shower. You will most definitely feel 10X more awake and productive if you do this rather than hitting the snooze button repeatedly and lethargically rolling out of bed.


In a corporate environment, it’s sometimes an unspoken (or even a spoken) rule to work slower. Take enough time to complete the task when the deadline is. More productive people set deadlines with smaller time windows to actually get work done. The longer a deadline is, the less efficient the team will be and the focus of the project will be on filling up the time to hit the deadline.