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To achieve your dream, you must build integrity into your product, your processes, your customer relations, and everything about your business. Everything from the quality of your products, to how you treat your employees, to how you treat your customers has to be first class.

Steps to building integrity:

Offer Quality
When people do business with you, they assume you will deliver the best product or service at the best price. You are the expert simply by being in business.

Offer Value Over Price
Good lumber ain’t cheap, and cheap lumber ain’t good. This is an excellent example of why we should always strive to provide superior products and/or services and not be afraid to price accordingly. If all you have to sell is price, then someone will always beat you at your game. When what you offer is the best, the world will be more willing to put a higher value on that. You must also constantly improve or the world will pass you by.

Help Others in Order to Help Yourself
It doesn’t matter where you are dealing with a customer or employee, you should always treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want the best employees and the best customers telling others about you, then you must truly care about them. When you give others what they want, they will feel good about you and be glad to help you in return. Don’t only think of others in terms of “what can this person do for me?” You will go far if you treat those who will be of no benefit to you the same way you treat those who you think can be a key to your success.
It’s simple: If you truly care about others it will show in everything you do, and as you help others they will want to work for you and do business with you.

Follow the Rules
The employer who fails to report some income of his/her tax return or pockets cash from the business is really telling his/her employees that it is okay not to follow the rules. If employees think it is okay to take advantage of the taxman, they may think it is okay to take advantage of you. It is always better to follow the rules, and you won’t ever have to defend an action you can’t legally uphold. Plus, you will set a higher standard for your employees.

Be the Best
To succeed, you must follow a common set of guidelines. Old habits are hard to break, but dreams and integrity are achieved with a consistent pattern of doing many small things right. By offering your customers quality and good value, helping others, following the rules and being the  best, your dreams of small business success can come true.