Client Information Security

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Client Information Security

As a payroll service provider, we take our security very seriously. We understand the dedication it takes to build a company and appreciate our clients’ efforts and commitment. Success for our clients translates to mutual success, and pushes us to focus on providing our personalized and consultative solutions safely and securely.

A considerable amount of our energy is concentrated on the safety and security of client information. There are verification protocols and double-check systems in place for verifying and safeguarding information that flows in and out of our network. This includes the training and education for all end users, which are our employees as well as clients. The additional training and education for all users is imperative, because all the controls in the world won’t stop someone who is caught unaware of a threat.

Email breaches today are increasing at an alarming rate. While our company remains diligent to be looking for potential damaging software, criminals are figuring out ways to cleverly follow communication activity in order to pose as an internal employee to request deposits, wire transfers or other financial transactions. Though we strive to offer a quick turn-around time and direct attention to clients, when something out of the ordinary happens, our team knows that we must take the extra necessary time to make sure requests are coming directly from you or an authorized representative, and contact you directly.

There are many ways to circumvent a threat, which may encompass implementing pin numbers, follow up verification calls, portals, dual factor authentication and a variety of other items. Personal and business security should continue to be front of mind to mitigate potentially significant financial loss. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Check out a great follow-up article here.