Client Service Phone Tips

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Client Service Phone Tips

Client Service is the bare essential for all businesses. Payroll Vault’s competitive advantage is our dedication to ongoing client service efforts. In goal setting for 2018, here are some pointers from our team of in-house client service experts.

A smile comes through on a phone call. Callers can immediately discern which type of mood the individual on the opposite end of the line is in, and will adjust accordingly. SMILE when speaking on the phone with your caller – you’ll be happy you did, and have a happy client on the other end of the line.

When possible, avoid phone transfers. No one enjoys repeating their story a second time. To add some polish for client service when you need to transfer the call, try providing a review of the caller’s needs to the person to which you are transferring. This will minimize frustration, demonstrate a caring approach, and shows your teamwork behind the scenes to care for your callers

When you need to place your caller on hold, be sure to ask their permission, as they may not have the time to spare at that moment.

Lastly, cultural diversity abounds on the phone. One should strive for an expressive, yet distinct tone, and keep a moderate speaking pace. Distractions are commonly surrounding us, so be sure to give your full attention to your caller and avoid spreading out your attention while on the phone. Speaking at a moderate pace with conciseness helps the caller to fully focus on the matter at hand.

These simple tips when perfected will escalate you to outstanding client service, and keep you top of mind with your clients.