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Green. Again and again we see the routinely overused buzzword associated with being more environmentally friendly. Besides its place in our vocabulary, are you using green methods throughout your business? Do you know what benefits you are missing out on if you’re not going green?

It may be a stale buzzword but it does have great payoffs.

Reducing your carbon footprint with an environmentally friendly approach not only helps protect the environment, but in a lot of ways can provide a more sustainable and profitable business means. It can be a win-win situation in many ways. A classic example is keeping an electronic library of documents. Your business uses less paper (landfills see less of it), recycling fees you’re paying become reduced or eliminated, and it becomes both easier and faster to deliver documents to your employees, partners and clients.

There are a lot of great tools out there to help your business both go green and contribute to your success. One such business necessity that you may have overlooked or don’t think about as an item that’s easy to convert to green is your payroll. What’s great about green payroll is that it not only brings prosperity to you but your employees as well.

The following list demonstrates both benefits to the environment and business of going green with your payroll.

Pay Cards & Direct Deposit
Benefit to Environment – Reduces paper waste.
Benefit to Business – Save money – no check printing. Save time – electronic delivery.

Time Keeping
Benefit to Environment – Automated timekeeping eliminates physical time sheets and punch cards.
Benefit to Business – Provides accurate time records, eliminates buddy punching, and adds mobile punch capability.

Web Portals
Benefit to Environment – Payroll portals allow for paperless reporting of payroll hours to payroll processor as well as electronic payroll reports generated for the client.
Benefit to Business – Timely and accurately pay your employees. Generate online pay stubs and generate employer payroll reports.

Benefit to Environment – Paperless conversion and document signing cut down on paper receipts, contracts, agreements and any other documentation that can also be stored without scanning directly to your electronic library.
Benefit to Business – Cuts down on time and boosts efficiency and accuracy.

Mobile apps
Benefit to Environment – Reduces paper waste/energy use.
Benefit to Business – Save time and always stay up to date with what’s happening with your payroll.
Propel your business forward with more efficient, sustainable, and technology-driven options that are available through your local payroll company. Your choice will not only bring happiness to your business, employees, and yourself; but also the environment.