Employee Exceptions

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Employee Exceptions

Effective business owners strive for engaged and happy employees who will be more productive. However, in their attempt to cater to an employee who seems to need an exception (i.e., modified pay structure or PTO policy, cash loan, etc.), we’ve observed our clients painting themselves into a compliance corner that is oftentimes difficult, and potentially expensive, to navigate.

However, before devising a plan to address an employee’s special needs, ask yourself:

  • Does this align with company policies outlined in our employee handbook?
  • If another employee comes to me next week with a similar request, can I provide them a similar solution?
  • Should this be in writing, and signed by the employee and management?
  • If the employee leaves unexpectedly, in what position does it leave the company?
  • Am I following state and federal labor laws by making this exception?

Because of circumstances such as this, we offer an HR solution available to all our clients. A convenient online solution includes a compliance library (complete with HR laws for all 50 states), employee handbook templates, a toll-free HR hotline, and much more. Contact our office to learn more about how this service can help your company, or watch this 2-minute video.