Green Payroll and Why It Matters: Help Your Business Thrive

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Green Payroll and Why It Matters: Help Your Business Thrive

“Going Green” is more than a buzzword. The trend that has been spanning decades and becoming a more sustainable business has incredible benefits to your company, to the environment, to your employees, and to your customers.

Top benefits for companies are:

  • A stronger brand
  • New revenue sources
  • Lower costs
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Innovation

Payroll Vault encourages sustainable practices by offering services that reduce paper waste, eliminates check printing, paystubs, and other electronic forms. We consistently evaluate practices and processes in an effort to continue down a path of environmental awareness and proactive solutions.

Consider the value in our sustainable product offerings:

  • Secure, digital portals – easily submit your payroll through a digital portal, anywhere that has internet access, see records, and retrieve any information securely.
  • Direct deposit and paycards – eliminate paper checks and the waste associated with paper while giving your employees the satisfaction of a securely, digitally deposited pay check.
  • Automated, digital time tracking – no more recording time and submitting manually entered time on paper cards.
  • Online paystubs and W2s – reduce the time investment on your end by providing instant access to W2 and paystubs to your employees.

Your business can take advantage of opportunities like streamlining your operational processes, reducing time spent managing administrative tasks, and reduce your costs by eliminating stocking and using unnecessary paper supplies. Kickstart your “green” efforts today and start saving with Payroll Vault!