Ho-Ho-Holiday Office Party Etiquette - What you Need to Know

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Office Party Etiquette - What you Need to Know

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are here and that also means gifts, family time, and of course, office holiday parties. Regardless if you’re a rookie or veteran, going to a holiday party leaves a lot of room for error, especially when alcohol, your colleagues and superiors are involved.

Don’t go to your company’s office party unprepared. Here’s a short list of pointers to help you rise to Santa-level model employee.

Watch your alcohol consumption

This should go without saying, and should seem obvious, but remember it is a “work” related party and you certainly don’t want to be the fodder for the office the next day. We have all been in the situation where the embarrassing drunk person is wandering sloppily around the party embarrassing themselves. It’s not a good look and can get you in hot water depending on your actions. Eat a proper meal before you hit the sauce and don’t overdo it.

Don’t post inappropriately on social media

With the invention of smart phones, social media, and instant access to our cameras, funny or memorable moments are constantly at our fingertips. Office parties don’t need to be involved outside of company staff photos and tasteful/appropriate party happenings. You don’t need to post a seemingly hilarious picture of George from HR drunk without his shirt off.

Eat but don’t overdo it

Be polite and eat! Be polite to the host and to the company who’s providing the eats. It will also help your stomach and brain stay relatively sober. However, don’t be someone who pulls out the Tupperware and shovels platters in to save for next week’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Acknowledge and thank your host

Be courteous and grateful by thanking your host. They put this party and/or event on for you to attend. Thank your host and let them know that you’re appreciative for the opportunity to enjoy yourself.

Be social

If you’re sitting all alone or hanging back away from people, you may as well not even come. Your coworkers and others will notice this and it’s almost worse than if you hadn’t shown up at all. Put on your game face and converse with your peers.

Dress appropriately

Business casual doesn’t mean shorts and a tee shirt nor does it mean tuxedo. If you’re unsure of the dress code, either ask the organizer or dress like you would if you were going to the office.

Meet some new coworkers at the party, make a great impression, and just be an overall class-act by following these simple, yet obvious tips. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to make a fool out of yourself when you’re celebrating the holidays with your family.