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You have a business to run and we want to give you the opportunity to really focus on your business and your customers without having to worry about cutting checks, stressing over HR issues, or any other assortment of clerical and administrative tasks that can easily overwhelm and consume you.

Payroll Vault values clients as the people they are. Business owners aren’t numbers or accounts. They’re real people with real businesses who contribute to their community and the economy.

Payroll Vault not only offers full-service payroll at a local level, a suite of services which include HR solutions, PAYGO workers comp, timekeeping solutions, labor posters, and more; but most importantly Payroll Vault also offers a relationship with our clients.

Our development specialists begin the relationship by meeting with your business and presenting answers to the questions that provide the business owner with what they want. A customized plan is created which caters to the needs of the business – not a bundled solution rich in features that are never used.

Offering an easy onboarding process creates a seamless hand-off from the business development side to the operations department. At Payroll Vault, the business owner has one dedicated payroll specialist who manages their account. Quickly answering calls and any questions or changes to be made regarding payroll, records employee time-tracking, or assists with any other service your business needs.

The team at Payroll Vault is here to take the burden of payroll off your plate so you can focus on your business.

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