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November is about more than just football and gorging yourself on delicious eats your family has prepared. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on and be thankful for all of the great experiences you’ve had throughout the year, for the phenomenal people you know and love socially and professionally, and to give back to those that are less fortunate. Reflection brings refreshed perspective.

Easy Ways to Say Thanks

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are thoughtful. When you take the time to add a small handwritten note and signature, they’re even better. By taking the time to handwrite your note, it shows that you sincerely appreciate the person. Thank you notes are also one of the most cost-effective ways to share your thanks and appreciation of their continued support.

Let’s me treat you to coffee

Taking someone out to coffee is less expensive than lunch and is typically less time consuming. A simple coffee date is an easy, relaxing way to express your thanks and to catch-up on how they’re doing on a more personal level. This is also an easy way to segue into a business check-up to how your services are benefiting them or if they need to be reevaluated. You care about them as your client/referral partner so show them that you care.

Did someone say lunch

Choose your best candidates. Base this choice on client size, the number of referrals passed, and client loyalty, etc. Choose your dates wisely and try to avoid Thanksgiving week. Whew; who’s busy that week?! This is a nice way to demonstrate your appreciation and allows you to also manage your budget appropriately.

There are other extravagant ways to say thank you, but these are a few that allow you to efficiently manage your budget and time. After all, we all work full schedules. The time you make to do something thoughtful and say thank you makes a lasting impression; sometimes, more than you know.