Planning For Summer Hiring

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Planning For Summer Hiring

The end of 2018’s first quarter is approaching and if your company is looking for a few extra hands for summer work, now is the time for the big question of “Do we hire for summer?” This is the ideal time to begin planning for potential summer hires for several reasons – mostly, to provide time to decide if you need added workforce personnel and to formulate a plan.

Hiring students and young adults is a benefit to all and is definitely a direction to think about for your company. A few things to consider:

  • Should the employee(s) be seasonal, or permanent?
  • How many additional employees do you need?
  • What are the benefits of hiring an intern, for our company and for the intern?
  • Can we manage adding staff later in a temp-to-hire?

Now that these questions are answered, it’s also important to consider your company culture and how it relates to the individual(s) you are about to hire. A few additional considerations:

  • Which team will they be working with, and what is the team dynamic?
  • Do you need a task oriented or outgoing personality?
  • What level of independence will they have within their job description?
  • What advertising channels should be used for job postings?

Once you’ve decided the most appropriate category and professional type of employee you need for your company then you can begin creating an on-boarding plan which includes:

  • Weekly hours needed
  • Basic job description
  • Appointed Supervisor
  • Wage
  • Overall expectations and goals

Hiring youth for seasonal or intern positions is an excellent learning experience for employer and employee alike. Both parties are awarded the opportunity and experience to learn and discover what works best for them. It’s a tried and true fact that experience is the best teacher.